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Fyi - Power Strip / Surge Protector, Single Shot Krazy Glue

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I know these probably fit into the "DUH, Where have you (me) been" category but today was the first I'd seen them.

Power Squid is a surge protector/power strip combined with (very short) extension cords.

If you're like me, a standard strip (or UPS for that matter) doesn't handle the power bricks that routers and other small add-ons require very well.

One brick often takes two (or more) plug slots.

This product doesn't have that limitation.

It comes in both strip and surge protector versions.


I'm always opening a bottle/tube of Krazy Glue, use a couple of drops, then the next time I need it either the cap is welded on or the contents have solidified.

I just found a four-pack of mini toothpaste style tubes that are meant for single use.

And the caps are self-piercing,

Screwing the cap fully on pierces the tube and delivers around 6-10 drops, enough for a fast job.


If this is old, Old, OLD news - pardon me.

Might be Old-Timers disease.

Or ...

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Well, if you're behind the times, I'm right there with you, Steve. That surge protector is genius! Looks like it will fit in small spaces, too, where a normal one won't.

Now, Krazy Glue??? I just end up getting that all over so I rarely use it.....


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If you want your super glue to last longer, you should

keep it in the refrigerator when you are not using it.

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