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Bubba Bob

1/5th Of Americans Cant Find U.s. On World Map

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Sounds like my school... Dont remember her though.

Ive replayed this several times to try and decode her message. Still dont get it...

To give her some credit, she's under a lot of pressure, and that was a pretty crappy question.

My answer would have probably gone some like this... (throw in some nervous stutters)

"Obviously a fith of America is stupid. Although I doubt the percentage is that low..."

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minister of foreign affairs\

is more likely

she gave a very strange answer

what has south sfrica and iraq

got to do with the map of america

im interested in the answers of the posters

many of you seem to think 1 fifth of americans are dumb

that is a hell ofa lot of people

and i dont agree

i think MOST americans are

well educated

apart from people like that BLOND

they lead the world in education

they have the most and prestigous uni"s in the world

they are better equipped than new zealad

where education is compulsory

if a parent lets their child miss school

they are penilised

so aside from the humourous answer from that blond

who was thinking from a different part of her body

im surprised at your answers

ninety percent of new zealanders

think as i do

am i wrong


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I'm guessin' it's a matter of priorities; a contestant needn't be a rocket scientist, but is far more likely to be televised than a rocket scientist, so you see the dumbest rather than the smartest (unless you're watching Jeopardy or something similar that shows there are people smarter than you or me, or at least me).

As for the sheer number of not-so-bright people, we have a large population so even a small fraction would still be a large number of individuals, easy to find and easy targets for programs with an agenda of showing morons in their element (not that that particular program was trying to show her at her worst -- but you've seen the "man on the street" type programs where they ask simple questions and get silly answers -- how many "correct" answers do they edit out because there's nothing funny about being right?).

In a country this large and diverse, as always, it's going to be an extremely complicated issue with no easy, pat, answers. There are large numbers of uneducated people, but among those are plenty who live happy, content lives, bring up families, enjoy themselves, and leave a fine legacy when they're gone. And there are the ones who are very nearly a waste of a life (or worse, as in criminals).

Among the educated are those who build the world we live in, create new and useful things, save lives, and can be looked up to. And there are those who are very nearly a waste of a life (or worse, as in politicians). ;)

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i have to agree with the statement

politicians the world over

but we need them other wise

there would be utter chaos

can we trust people to govern them selves

the only time this has happened

is in china

where this was practiced for a thousand years

but the price that was payed

any one showing leadership qualitys

was eliminated

in other words

the s-----t stirers were were taken out

so many politicians

are s-----t stirers


yes america has a diverse population

ide like to study the different races

and cultures of america

i did it for 2-3 years with chinese cultures

but gave it up

it was so complicated

and the problem i couldnt speak chinese

to decypher some of the history

i had to rely on a friend

who wasent always available


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By coincidence I caught today's episode of Jeopardy. Some college competition, and those "kids" were darn smart. I was getting worried as the first half of the first round I knew NOT ONE ANSWER. Thankfully during the second half of that first round they started choosing categories I was much better at, I knew many of the answers plus I got some they didn't get. The second round was tougher still (and I was lost, lost, lost) until the Final Jeopardy question: Only the winner and I knew the answer! I got a Final Jeopardy question right! That almost NEVER happens! Ha!

So, here's the category:

U.S. States

The question:

What state, named after a European Monarch, reachs farthest West?


I figured it would have to be East of the Mississippi, but close to or on that river (a hunch -- Western states weren't likely to be named after anything European) ... So I just ran through the states on the Eastern bank of the Mississippi, from North to South. I discovered the answer when I reached the Southern-most state.

The two "losers" chose West Virginia (umm, what Monarch would that be?).


As a relevant aside: One of the categories I did best with was ... <drumroll> ... Chinese Geography! Even I didn't know I'd do as well as I did.


The correct answer (hidden so you won't see it subliminally, maybe):

[email protected]&$#Is$#@@Louisiana#%?$(*^#*^%


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