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Invisible Extension?

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I have downloaded an RSS extension for Firefox (Wizz RSS News Reader) from its website. I did it yesterday, and as soon as I opened Firefox the extension was right there in my browser, however, I didn't add any rss or made any changes.

The problem showed up this morning when I decided to actually add a couple of sources from news and blogs. I opened Firefox but the extension wasn't there anymore! it just disappeared! so I went and checked in the tools -> add ons menu of the browser and to my surprise the extension was in the list of my add-ons, I thought that perhaps there was an error when the extension was installed, thus I decided to uninstall the extension and install it a second time, but the result is the same my extension doesn't show up in the browser, but it does show up in my list of add-ons in the tools menu, how can this be? does anyone know why is not possible to see the extension but still have it listed as being downloaded?

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