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hi...im very nervous and paranoid when it comes to worms/trojans/viruses.

I remember the first time i had a virus...my computer shut down automatically and when i tried rebooting the comp...it get to the win logon page and then restart automatically continuously..OH horrible

Anyway...i'm very afraid right now also.

I currently have a Gateway computer bought in late 2004 505 GR model number XAB49 210 03895 and lately...i've been getting Korean viruses (i know because i can read it)

They would happen sometimes when i would start my computer, these "antivirus" programs would install automatically into my computer and say that i have viruses etc...probably they were advertisements.

And everytime i deleted it...new ones would come out...so today morning, i got very mad and tired of it because it started installing programs like Windows freesearch, uccsearchapplication, etc. (which i know are viruses because none of them showed up in google)

So i tried my best.

Then i came across a weird folder "ktf" in my C: drive.

It WASN'T in the WINDOWS folder...and strangely the file inside the ktf folder was a svchost.exe with a weird/stylish gray icon.

One of my friends told me it should immediately be deleted...but it couldn't...because then i would take a risk of breaking my computer from ending the wrong svchost.exe in the processes.

So i'm very confused...how can i get rid of this?

Not only that, but i scanned my comp with NAV 2007 with the latest definitions..detecting no threat.

Then i scanned it with AVG Free edition from cnet.com and it detected 5 trojan droppers from my computer which it successfully deleted.

Yet even AVG with the latest definitions do not detect that "foreign" folder as a threat.

Can you guys recommend me any solutions that can help me delete this pestering problem?

I mean i have a restore dvd but i don't want to delete all my materials.

Plus if i do get something like an external hard drive to my materials in...im pretty sure the virus can get in also.


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Hi Edmandoo and welcome to Besttechies!

The best thing you can do is to scroll down to the section on the forum that says "Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs", click that and read "How do I post a Hijack Log"

The experts here will fix you right up! DO be patient as many of the experts are busy this time of year with Graduations and Final Exams, so they might take a tiny bit longer than usual to analyse your log and offer help, but again, they're amazing!

In the meantime, look around, jump in, introduce yourself in Open Chat, laugh in the Comedy Club, and welcome to the BT family

*waves at Matt :D*


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