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Add "Copy To Folder" & "Move To Folder"

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Add the "Copy To Folder" and "Move To Folder" Shell Extensions into Vista Context Menu

As most of you will probably remember, sometime ago I pointed out a way to add 2 very handy options into the right click context menu in XP, "Copy To Folder" & "Move To Folder".

"Copy To Folder" gave you the option to quickly Copy any item in a directory to any other directory folder, while leaving the original intact.

"Move To Folder" gave you the option to quickly Move any item in the same way, but deleting the original item.

These required you to make changes in the Registry, or I made a Registry Script for those who didn't feel comfortable making the required Registry Changes. Well, the same script or changes will still work with Vista now also! I have no idea why Microsoft didn't add these right click options by default into Vista, so many people used this hack to add these items that I was sure MS would make the change in Vista...they didn't. So again it's up to us to make our systems easier to use ourselves.

All the instructions in my Original Post are Exactly the same for Vista, if you feel up to doing it that way.

For the "Less Adventurous", I have a simple compiled Registry Script that you can download and apply. I have written this myself so you KNOW it's safe and will work. Simply download the file below to your Desktop or any other location you wish, navigate to the file, right click it and select "Extract All". Choose a location to extract the file to, extract it and then go to the extracted file and double-click it. You will be asked if you wish to Merge this into your Registry, click "Yes" and when it's done it will tell you that it's been Successfully Merged.

Enjoy these handy additions to your right click context menu! I use them so often that I can't live without them anymore.

Note - This tip has been tested to death, and causes no problems whatsoever. Still, makes no Warranty concerning anything to do with system changes.

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