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Change Vista's Boring Boot Screen

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Change the Vista Boot Screen

For some reason unknown to anyone but Microsoft Engineers, Vista still displays a boring little "Scroll bar" type screen while Vista is loading. Very old school and very drab, but it wasn't always going to be that way. MS had plans to make a nice new boot screen to go along with the new Vista Aero Interface, but dropped it at the last minute for some reason.

Well, I know a way that you can get part of that back, and get a look at what might have been the beginnings of a colorful new Boot Screen...and it's an easy thing to do as well.

Vista by default, has removed the Run Command box from the Start Menu, probably because it's new Start Orb "Search Feature" is so much faster, but let's get it back shall we. Right click an empty spot on the taskbar or the Start Orb, select Properties, click Start Menu and then click Customize. Scroll to Run Command and put a check in the box beside it and OK out.

Now click the Start Orb, click Run, type "msconfig" without quotes and hit Enter. Now click the Boot tab and put a check in the "No GUI Boot" box...that's it. Click OK and watch what happens next time you bootup.


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