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- AsRock 939 DualSATA2 Motherboard

--comes with Original Box, with Manual, Driver CD and 2 ribbon cables

Bought it 2 years ago, and about this time last year, it suddenly stopped working. Every time I boot with this motherboard, it freezes on startup and I can't do anything. I eventually gave up and bought another AsRock939 DualSata2 mobo, and am still using it to this day. Maybe someone smarter can fix it?

Price: $40 Shipped


Another look at the mobo.

- Biostar P4M80-M4 Motherboard (socket 478)

--comes with Oringal Box, CD, and Manual

It belonged to my sister, and one day, it randomly stopped booting. So this motherboard don't even turn on. Maybe a simple fix, maybe not. I do not need this thing if I don't have the knowledge to fix it. So, again, maybe someone smarter can fix it or put it to better use.

Price: $30 Shipped


Another Closer look at the motherboard.

-2 Port KVM Switch

--Comes with original box.

Bought it from a friend a while ago, never used it, don't plan on using it.

Comes with just the KVM switch and original box (no manuals or wires)

Price: $9 Shipped.


-Flexible USB Keyboard

Bought it from the same friend. Used it for a while, but then I got a wireless keyboard.

Beware, it's very difficult to start typing with this in the beginning. It took me like a week to get used to it.

Price: $9 Shipped.


-Motorola v360 Hacked Phone

--Comes with, Charger, 2 EAR PIECE headphones, SanDisk 512MB MicroSD card

My prize and glory. I played around with this phone a lot using PKtools and other programs. Basically, I changed the original firmware and installed a new one (Mr.Hallow's Monster Pack) with a lot of customizations. The phone is a GSM Phone and my service is with T-MOBILE.

Some stuff this phone has:

MonsterPack entirely created by MrHollow... Except the 3rd party items added.


Changes v1.0

iTunes v2.8.1 1000 Song Limit, Media Edition Installed & Enabled (MENU KEY + 5 to enter iTunes)


- Moto

- Fire Cube (default)

- MModders

DRM Based on SunRay & Modified by MrHollow

Custom Modified CL external screen

Menu 3x3

IM Enabled - Instant Messageing

FEM Enabled - Engineering Menu

Activation List Enabled

Video/Camera Hacks

- 10Mb Limited Recording

- Brightness adjust while recording

- Shutter Tones Removed

- Status icons enabled

- Video Qualities

- mp4 recording

- Styles enabled

Last 10 Dialed Calls Enabled

Last 10 Received Calls Enabled

Digital Clock

Internal Date removed and replaced by custom branding: MrHollow MP

Home Screen Banner: MrHollow MP

Ringtones & Pictures from TransFlash/microSD

Java App Loader Enabled

Java TCK Enabled

Java Standby App

Java Application Priority

Keypad Lock Enabled (Menu KEY + * to LOCK/Unlock keyboard)

Other Information Menu Enabled

Other Information Menu Options Enhanced & Revised

Time & Date Autoupdate Enabled

TTY Setup Enabled

Status Light Enabled

Vibesync Enabled

Battery Save Enabled

MSG Alert Enabled

USB Charging Disabled

Animation Disabled & Removed

Many More Modifications

Custom Ringtones

- Yoda Pack

- Quantum Leap

- A-Team

- Flinstones

- Axel F

- Friends

- Nelly Dilemma

- Pink Panther

- Mission Impossible

- Mail Motha ***ka

- Knight Rider

- Johnny B Good

- Ghost Busters

- Faithless Insomnia

Java Applications

- Opera Minibrowser

- Stopwatch

- Scientific Calculator

- iPhone Explorer 2.0

- Dictaphone

- NoteXP

- Raiden (AirFight)

- Bejeweled (Diamond Game)

- Pinball

- motoTunes (mobile)

Note* You can use any song in the MicRO SD card as your ringtone.

Price: $100 Shipped.


Payment Via PayPal and Shipping will be done via USPS or UPS.

ebay ID is:

Any questions? Just ask away.

Shipping to US and maybe Canada

ZIPCODE: 30126


Approved by Besttechie

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Ah, if only that 478 board worked. I could totally use it. I don't wanna buy a board that I don't know will ever work.

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hmmmmmmmmmmmm, lets hope no one buys that keyboard until i get the money.....................

and does that $9 include shipping and everything? lil confused here.........



Edited by jamaicaman

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