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Speed Up Firefox 2.0 In Vista

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FireFox 2.0 and above run slow in Vista, really slow and it si vistas fault, Vista has a network auto tunning feature that limits packet size to 64k, this is greate if you are on slow networks, bu ton fast networks this is way too small. IE7 bypasses this auto tune feature so it will adjust its packet size for the faster networks, while all other applications get stuck at 64k

to fix this open an Administration Command Prompt (right click command prompt and select run as administrator, no Password needed)

then the command is

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

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why, IE runs fine.. :)

plus this really is only a problem based on the router you have, i have noticed that NetGear and Linksys both show the same issue, but my monoWall Firewall/router does not show the same issue.

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