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Usefull Mono Bindings

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NDesk provides standards-based implementations of open specifications pertaining to the open source desktop. An emphasis is placed on correctness, performance and portability, with MIT licensing terms used to ensure that the platform code is available to all integrators without bias.

This site also hosts projects which integrate the standard implementations to produce original research into the desktop platform that has already yielded a mass of inspiration and working code for applications that ship today with the GNOME desktop environment, Xorg and countless other projects.


* 1 Repositories

* 2 Software

o 2.1 Libraries and tools

o 2.2 Bindings

[edit] Repositories

NDesk git repositories (current)

NDesk svn repositories (pre-migration)


Libraries and tools

* xdg-net -- fd.o desktop specs

* compiz-sharp -- desktop effects

* dbus-sharp -- desktop IPC

* xnb -- X11 protocol library

* cilc -- C binding generator

* Xps -- Xps interpreter

* v4l2-sharp -- Video for Linux 2


* glitz-sharp

* cairo-sharp

* directfb-sharp -- DirectFB binding, not updated since 2002 but includes a binding generator

* alsa-sharp -- ALSA binding, control interface only so far

* NBind binding incubator -- Experimental GOBject bindings: gdkgl, gtkgl, poppler, egg, metacity, xsettings, wnck, hildon

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