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ive just come from slashdot in the uk

and i found this article

it seems dell are doing to linux what they did to xp

perinstall linux and instead of issuing a disk they want

to install a recovery console

the english are very concerned about it

it is dell and hp that make the compt world


here is part of the review

this is only part of the interview

it was to big to post onto the board


"It seems pointless to seek ideas and feedback if you're going to ignore and delete the opinions you don't like. That's exactly what Dell is doing with its IdeaStorm website, which the company set up to solicit such ideas and feedback. Dell deleted a post linking to an article that criticizes its handling of the 'pre-installed Linux' issue."

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I don't know how its unethical to provide a backup partition and not a Disk, it may not be the best way (drive fails no way to restore your self).

as for Linux, I don't see Dell or Hp for that matter really doing it. It cost them more to create new disk images and to train tech support. Also Microsoft will have something to say if they started ("Dell Recommends Linux...")

I don't care what version, Suse or Red hat, if they support one, then we could have drivers for all Linux versions.

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Dell Backpedals on Preloading Linux
Although Dell is dancing around the idea of reintroducing Linux desktops and notebooks, the computer maker said it won't make a move until one of the competing flavors of Linux emerges as a business favorite. Dell now maintains that it doesn't want to pick one Linux distribution and alienate users with a preference for another.

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I like the fact that Dell is starting to certify their hardware as Linux ready. That is, their boxes will work on multiple versions of Linux. I share iccaros's confusion, marty. How is it unethical for Dell to start to invest money into Linux? This is a good thing:-)

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