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Grub Error

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ime interested in knowing if there is a way round the grub error

coupla times ive deleted linux from the

disk management area

but when i go to boot into windows

i get this grub error

when i posted some time ago

tictoc showed me how to get round the mbr reset

which is successful

but the problem it has rendered my kubuntu useless

as it wont boot from that cd

i suspect it is the corrupted mbr

is there some other way to stop this

mbr thing

one of the downsides to linux is this mbr


and as a result it wont boot back into windows

until you reset it

i havent a clue as what to do about it

perhaps some of you experts can help

so far every thing is fine

but coupla times ive had to reinstall kubuntu

my fault of course

and this mbr thing is a problem

any ideas


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Are you saying you are no longer able to boot from your kubuntu cd to reinstall linux and fix the boot loader?

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what happened i uninstalled ubuntu and kubuntu

and eachtime

when booting back to windows i get the grub error

previouly i need to reinstall windows

twice to be precise

i posted and tictoc replyed and said insert your xpcd

go to the repair console

type your admin p-wrod

at the prompt type fixmbr

wel i did that ans it worked

but now both of those cds wont load

i cant get them to install

the sys. as i have several kbuntu and ubuntu cds

ihavent any problem

installing the sys

but dont you think

it is a waste of cd if you have to use a new one each time you


i posted many times on the problem

but linux experts seems to dodge this issue

that mbr is a hassle for windows users

i havent seen a post from tictoc for some time maybe he can help

i thought of fdisk that hdd

and maybe reset the mbr that way

tho ime guessing here

any thoughts


there wouldnt be a problem if i used linux as a stand alone

but at the moment i need windows


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ok forget about the grizzle i just posted in

some how i fixed it by accident

the terrorist sent me a link for a ME boot disk

actually to restore a hdd that was on the way out ok it didnt work

so i needed to clean a drive i had kubuntu

on so i could reinstall the sys

and reset the mbr

with out doing it through the repair console

so i inserted the ME boot disk


formated then it asked if i wanted reset the mbr

as i had nothing to lose i agreed

well miricles i was able to boot back into windows

and now i can see the drive i installed kubuntu on

which wasent possable before

once it was partitioned

god im learning

and ime now a commited linux user

tho i want to move on to others like susse or

slack ware or ect

but i need advice

with hitest and shanenins

help and a bit of experementing

im getting there slowly

sorry if i get a bit

testy at times when things arnt going well

but i wouldnt have it any other way



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Hey Marty:-) Suse would be a good choice for you, as it does a good job of setting up a dual boot system for you. I've read that Open Suse 10.2 is quite good. :D

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susse is very popular in new zealand

my son has just burned it to a disk from one of your links

and is gving it away willy nilly

he has seven members of his band and they all have it

he is so commited to linux

he had vista given to him free

becuase the owners didnt like it and stuck to xp

and he sold the disk for $600

im not sure how to equate that in american doller terms

and he uses xp

and windows 98 for gaming

so vista was no use to him

he only started using linux through me ranting and raving

about it

but he is pretty good with it

he said if i could get linux to game faster i would use it as a stand alone

back to susse im not sure how to burn it yet

i have the linux burner already installed

but i found it is a 3hr 22min install

at the time i was running out of down load band width

but my allowcation

started 12 last night so i have plenty to work with

i have 5gig allow

dont go way im gonna need your help with this susse down load

does the burner find the both drives on my compt

and you allot the drive you are gonna use

and burn it from there

who the hell woud have a compt

i went to a freinds house yesterday

and his landlord gave him one

it still has the old floppy 1,33 drive

he wanted to up grade but his resources are limited

haven seen one of those for 10-12 years

but it works


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hi test

all day ive tried to fathom out the reason these kubuntu and ubuntu cds

wont load a second time

and may be ive found the answer

on the forum you sent me to. one techy said they need to be installed on a slower cd drive

as my cd rom is 52 speed

my cdwr is 32

so i tried the cdwr

and buggere me if kubuntu went on no trouble

and that is from the disk that i couldnt load from the cd rom,

so may be that is the answer

slower installation speed

the techeckie said

the problem is they are burned at to fast of a speed

and when you go to reinstall on SOME sys"s

the speed is a factor iit over writes

some applications

have you heard of this before

well so far it has worked for me

jeez ime over the moon

as you can see ime posting this from


where i havent got to grips with the

the small texts

but ile get there

i need to try the ubuntu disk yet and see if i get the same result

take care


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hi marty,

yes that is a common problem with some hardware when you burn a disk. I have run across that many times myself and all I did was reduce the speed of the cd drive, problem solved. When you burn a disk at a certain speed, then try to use it at a higher rate of speed, ti can't read the info correctly. something to do with the bitrate of the information on the disk.

Anyway I hope you enjoy linux, I tried Open Suse before I switched to Ubuntu, even though it found my hardware and ran everything ok, it started opening my cdrom drives when ever it wanted to. Even if I wasn't using the computer. Then i got going on Ubuntu, tried slack for a little while, but that was a pain in the arse to even try and figure out how to compile and install some programs that I knew I could get to work with a manual compilation on Ubuntu. So I wnt back to Ubuntu, and I think I will stick with it. I can't complain, everything just works, even my 6 year old son uses it, and the wife uses it when i make her :ph34r: I can make my Ubuntu look like XP and she doesn't even know the difference except for the fact that she likes IE over FF. haven't tried yet, but I'm sure I could skin that to look like IE and she wouldn't have the foggiest Idea she was using it.

Hmm, will have to look into that :ph34r:

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hi dragon thanks for your input

i like ubuntu

and kubuntu

at the moment ime using kubuntu

i havent a clue where to find things yet

\but ive figured out the deskp top background

and the task bar size

i havent been able the find the mail thing yet

does kubuntu allow you to install thunderbird

if so where is it

k mail i found was hard to configure

and ive yet to come to grips with it

im on cable connect

and that wasent to bad to configure

and some thing that has changed with this linux thing

in kubuntu

the hardware was found quite easy

which wasent so in the days of mandrake

it seems as tho linux is using the old dos sys

and with technology like it is

it needs to modernise

tho i like it

once i get used to it i will make it my default sys


any input from you i will be watching


has helped a lot

take care

the text thing is a worry

to small


Edited by martymas

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Yes, Kubuntu allows you to install Thunderbird, Marty:-) Look for a program called Adept ( in your system menu, I think). Adept is the KDE version of Synaptic. You can use Adept to download, install TBird for you:-)

Edit, added later: You can also download, install the Tarball directly from:


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