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Writing A Program In Vb To Convert Files En Mass

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I am writing a program to rename Files in VB en Mass. I have almost all of the program working the only thing i don't know how to do is have VB rename the files in the folder I choose in the directory box. I have everything else all i have to do(in theory is throw in the code and it should work).

I use a program called Ipodwizard(Google it) to change how my Ipod looks. you can add themes and change the pictures on it. anyway every time Apple releases a new firmware upgrade it makes the old themes obsolete. they change the picture names so old themes don't work, this program i am writing will rename the pictures( bitmaps) to the new format going back from the first version to the latest version.

My questions are

1. How do i get VB to recognize the directory the person navigated to in the directory box and then rename the files I specify?

2. how do i get VB to make a sub directory and put the renamed files in the sub directory?

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VB.NET or VB Classic (version <7)? I don't know either of them, but with all the interest in VB 'round here recently I've been thinking of picking up VB.NET.

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File.move(original_name, new_name)


System.IO.File.Move(FileToMove, MoveLocation)

C# is the same

it shows up under VB6 so I assume it works, but it does in

SharpDevelop can give you a free way to go to .net (vb and C#) and it works mostly like Visual Studio including winForms

you need to test if the file is there first

if (File.Exists(source))


System.IO.File.Move(source, dest)

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