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Windows 64bit Q And Network Q

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1) Is there any advantages on using windows 64bit XP Home? I have a AMD 64 PC and when I researched at Microsoft website, the only I found that Windows 64Bit allows more....bits? I couldn't fully understand it.

(I have a XP64bit CD from a friend)

2) I use my scondary PC for all my server stuff (Apache, mySQL, HLDS, etc....) and I don't have a monitor for it. So I usually control it via RADMIN. Just wondering, if I make my server folder (the folder where i got all those server programs installed) shared and access it via my main computer through network, would there be any issues?

My friends and I use Hamachi a lot (hamachi.cc) to play lan games. So, we get into a network and if the above situation works, would they have access to the shared folder? Anyone I can prevent it? I only one my computer to access my secondary computer.

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There is no 64-bit Windows XP Home. There is a 64-bit Windows XP Professional.

Performance in some applications is improved a bit. Performance in others is degraded, and a few simply won't run. Driver support is still not good.

There is no compelling reason for most users to move to it.

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