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Bubba Bob

Best Maps/routes/directions Site/program

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Hey guys,

What are ya'lls picks for the best maps & directions type service? Google, Mapquest, Yahoo, etc, all seem to give crap for directions. No, I dont think I want to go to Canada from Texas to get to Mexico... Im sure yall understand.

What about the Microsoft program? Any better?

I wouldnt even use them except they give you a total milage. I wish there was a program that allowed me to plan the route, and gave me the total milage and estimated time.


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I find Google Earth's search has been giving reasonable directions.

But (obviously/likely anyway) those are the same directions you get from Google itself.

Then again, I do like "flying" the path to see where I'm going.

The best mapping/directions I've experienced is DeLorme's Street Atlas 2003.

That, combined with an EarthMate USB GPS dongle is fabulous.

It plots my route (on a laptop on the passenger seat), gives voice instructions, and so on.

It even recalculates my route when I go "off course" to lead me back on the path.

I also have Street Atlas 2006, but I prefer the older (2003) interface.

(Although i will admit I haven't given 2006 a fair road test).

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nah...the world is full of alternatives.

that's why I still use winme.

my favorite words are

1. options

2. alternatives

3. choices

y'all have a good day now.

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Are you sure opera works? To do custom maps it requires IE, at least according to the site. Just to get driving directions, any browser i think will work

this is the link to the IE only page, maybe it works with opera


Since Im looking for directions and not custom wall maps, Opera works great. :D

I think you're right though. All the directions services works in any browser **erases check for opera** :(

And Blim, what are "Trip-Tiks"? heh

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