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Earthquake New Zealand

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Just saw on TV news about earthquake in New Zealand. Marty is the only one I know from there, but there may be others.

I hope they check in and let us know they are OK.


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hi all thanks for your concern in

the city i live in felt a we shiver

but there were no damages nor injurys

further south

the shake was felt but only a enough to dislodge

crockery ect

we are on a pacific rim of fire

which is a fault line that runs through the


the usa is part of that fault line

san fransico is an area

that gets the shakes bad

north of were i live

they get it bad

fortunately we dont get it as bad as many parts of the wprld

and i worry about the loss of life

earth quakes can be devastating

on the population

i dont think there are any other kiwis on the board

if there were they would probably contact me

when we first came here to BT

a nz lady posted in and asked about a virus scanner

then never posted again

but every one is ok here


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Glad you only got a "wee shiver", Marty and so happy you're OK!

We had an earthquake once here (it was only 2.something) but what an odd feeling, what and odd noise!


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