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An S-video To Composite Adapter

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I had a little adapter from nVidia that came with my evga GeForce 6600GT but it broke. It plugged into the video card (or my use for it, the laptop despite it being ATI it worked before breaking) into the HD/S-Video output and it went to a little thing that had HD/Progressive scan, Composite and S-Video. I don't know why it had S-Video cause if you use S-Video then you can plug it straight into the card in the same plug. Maybe to go to multiple TV's I guess.

ANYWHO, I broke mine and I need (want) a new one. There is only one TV in the house with S-Video and that's the main 27" downstairs. I have to wait until my parents go to bed so I can use it. I have a 19" in my room but it only has composite. I'd like to have an S-Video to composite adapter if they still make em to hook either my laptop or desktop to it (I have a long enough composite cable to reach from my desktop). My 2 7600GT's each came with progressive scan adapters but no composite ones. Have people just abandoned composite video for PC's? I can't seem to find one on newegg.

Either an S-Video to composite or a VGA or DVI to Composite would also be nice. I have 4 DVI outputs on my main rig and 4 VGA adapters and I have one VGA output on my lappy so either of those would be nice too. Thanks for any info I'll post pics of what I'm talking about too.

This is what I broke


This is how it broke. It broke inside the rubber sleeve. I could feel it so I just cut it open at that spot and sure enough, there was a big gap. I tried to reattach the wires and tape it up but the wires were too thin for my wire strippers.


And this is the progressive scan adapter that came with one of my 7600GT's.


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You know I did but for some reason my search didn't quite get those results and I don't know why.

Seems amazon has what I need. I wonder why newegg doesn't.

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