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How To ?

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take a screenshot of it, (Print Scrn key) paint and paste, then save it as a .jpg or some format other than .bmp (takes up a lot of space)

then you'll have to upload it to the net (either to your site server if you have one or use

and then you can show us

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Personally, I prefer It has a much higher restriction on files--1024k vs 250k--and doesn't require you to sign up between a certain period of time.

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Capture a Screen Shot of your Desktop or the Active Window in Windows

How to take a screenshot?

This is what I did,

Print Screen to capture your full computer screen, went to Paint,

Ctrl+V to paste(or Edit > Paste), File > save as Desktop.jpg

Then I went to ImageShack

(you can register if you like)clicked on Browse, found the pic, click on Host It!

Then just copy the Link at the bottom and paste in a reply.

My Desktop

I used Image Resizer to make it smaller, 640 x 480

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

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