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Found 2 results

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  2. iTunes DRM Music Converter If you have songs purchased from iTunes Store before 2009 or songs added from Apple Music in your iTunes Library, you will find they are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). For example, you can probably only play your songs on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad with the iTunes account. What if you want to transfer it to your MP3 player or smartphones without iTunes? Here is the solution: use Ondesoft iTunes Converter to convert DRM-protected iTunes M4P songs and Apple Music M4P songs to the much more widely-supported formats including MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R and MKA. Provide better user experience Batch conversion allows you to convert as many files as you want at a time. Automatically import all the music and videos it finds from your iTunes, no need to add those you want to convert again. Customize profile settings Ondesoft iTunes Converter allows you to customize Codec, Bitrate, Sample rate and Channels of the output file. Also you may save them as custom profile for future use. Fast Conversion Speed The conversion speed can be as fast as 16X and you are free to set it as you desired. Search Function The powerful search function enables you to quickly get certain audio books according to name, artist and album. Customize file name format The file name format is a predetermined combination of title, artist and album of each audio book, which show you detailed information. Save ID tags and Chapter Choose to save ID tags and metadata information to the output MP3 and M4A files or keep Chapter information in the converted M4A audiobooks. Apple Music Converter Besides converting iTunes M4P songs and Audiobooks to MP3, you can also use Ondesoft iTunes converter as Apple Music Converter to remove Apple Music songs DRM and convert Apple Music M4P songs to MP3 on your Mac or Windows. Learn more about Apple Music Converter for Mac and Apple Music Converter for Windows. Steps to remove Apple Music DRM on Mac/Windows 1. Download and install Apple Music Converter for Mac or Apple Music Converter for Windows. 2. Run Ondesoft iTunes Converter iTunes will be launched automatically. If iTunes is already running, Apple Music Converter will ask you to Quit and Relaunch it. On the interface, you will see the entire iTunes library is automatically loaded. This is because Apple Music converter can not only remove DRM from Apple Music songs, but also DRM protected songs purchased from iTunes Store before April, 2009 and Audiobooks from iTunes Store or Audible. If you added Apple Music songs or albums to iTunes library, click Music on the left column and sort all songs by Type. Find songs labeled with Apple Music AAC audio file and check the ones you want to remove DRM from. If you add Apple Music playlist to Library, find it on the left column. Click it and check the songs on the main interface. 3. Click Convert button to remove Apple Music DRM from selected songs. Customize output format, bitrate, sample rate, output folder and name format. Metadata including Title, Artist, Album, Genre and Artwork will be preserved to output MP3/M4A songs. Apple Music Converter removes Apple Music DRM at 16X speed, so you will get DRM free Apple Music songs soon. For each output format, Apple Music to MP3 converter provides 3 profile settings: High, Normal and Low with different Bitrate, SampleRate and channels. You can also customize the value as you like. Output file name can contain Title, Artist, Album, TrackID and DiskID. Click Options on the menu bar to open Preferences and customize output file name format if you like.