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  1. ~ I'm very sorry to hear that TT_75/Whiskeyman has passed away. He was always so kind and helpful to me. I truly hope that he has now found peace. RIP, Whiskeyman.
  2. ~ Happy Anniversary BestTechie and thanks Jeff Weisbein!! • Joined August 29, 2004 •
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    Where are you ?

    ~ Thank you, Chuck
  4. Suzanne

    Where are you ?

    ~ Thank you very much, Chuck, It's so nice to see that you're still here.
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    Where are you ?

    Hi everyone! ~ It's certainly been a long time since I've checked in here, but I recently became nostalgic about who might be still around and thought I'd just stop by and say "hello"! Oh, I'm not sure it shows up yet, but I've replaced my signature "rose" avatar with an actual photo of myself in case you didn't recognize me from either my name or avatar. Anyway, I've thought about many of you and I truly hope you're all doing well!
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    ~ I would like to add my sincere condolences Sultan, to you and your family. You'll be in my prayers, too.
  7. ~ I thought that it was very odd that both the keyboard and mouse stopped working simultaneously. I appreciate your thoughts and insights and I'll pass your recommendations on to her later...( we're not in the same time zone. ) Thank you everyone for your help.
  8. ~ A friend called and said while she was online yesterday her keyboard and mouse stopped working. She rebooted and after the bios setup, there on the screen, along with press F1 to (whatever) it said "no keyboard" (mouse wasn't mentioned). She checked the back and inside for loose connections and cleaned out the small amout of dust ...she is now at a loss as to what she should do next. I'm sorry, but I don't know anything else about her computer. I know that it's difficult to offer suggestions with such minimal information, but if anyone has any ideas they will truly be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. ~ bouillabaisse...(just made some last week-end, yum!)
  10. ~ I've always used Expedia and occasionally Travelocity and Orbitz If you're going to use an online booking service rather than a travel agent then using a well known one affords you a measure of security when dealing with any potential problems that may arise, because it helps stack the odds in your favor that should something go wrong it will get favorably resolved. (So far I've never had a problem, but last summer my son and his family arrived at their vacation destination tired from their trip, only to discover a problem with the accommodations, (hotels mistake). He called the Expedia #800 and the problem was resolved with a free accommodation upgrade.) Here's where you also need to do your homework. They're all offering to book you at the same hotels (or on the same airlines), but at differing rates, (often the differences are insignificant) depending on the deals they happen to have with them. So you need to do some comparison shopping. Notice too, that the rates offered to you can change from day to day or if you're flying, differing rates for different days of the week. I know it sounds annoying, but I also know that I sure have a better time knowing that I got the best possible deal!
  11. ~ She's absolutely adorably, hitest...and what a fun age, it's makes me quite nostalgic for when my daughter was that young! Enjoy, it's much too fleeting!!!
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    Glitter Maker

    ~ Thanks Marty... a little sparkle is always nice in an accessory!
  13. ~ It's been unseasonably warm here all winter, and it's predicted to get to 50F here in the Poconos today as well... it was nearly 50 yesterday, so it most likely will. I love mornings at home, and mornings like this when I can open windows and let in the cool, (okay cold, it's only 38F presently, but I've always loved it colder) fresh air while I'm cleaning (and let out the stale roasted air) are just delightful to me.
  14. ~ Aww...this one is really sweet. I'm going to send it off to my friend Marci so she can enjoy it, as well. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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    75 Bands

    ~ that the Blues Brothers and the Pixies?
  16. ~ I need lots of time in the morning to gently ease into my day. So I make sure that I'm up at least an hour before I really need to be, so that I can have my required quiet time for myself, enjoy my tea, and think happy thoughts.... then I'm good to go.