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  1. Steamhead

    Truckers Strike

    Our family owns a trucking company. We didn't shut down. Because we need to make a living and all. but most companies around here decided to run 45 mph for the duration of the trip. It has a point. The fuel prices have skyrocketed, and the freight rates have not changed at all. It's becoming harder and harder every day to operate a business like this and put food on the table.
  2. Steamhead

    Score One For The Home Team

  3. Steamhead

    Logo For My Business

    I like the 2nd one the best.. then the 3rd ... the 1st one looks a little generic to me.
  4. Steamhead

    Besttechie Turns 3!

    haha. so who wants to sing happy birthday?
  5. Steamhead

    Boot To The Head

    hahaha that is great
  6. Steamhead

    Idiot Admin

    hahaha nice Matt. Sounds like something I would do
  7. Steamhead

    Pci.sys Misssing Or Corrupt

    ah i see.. well it's a Dell Dimension 2400 soo lemme see if i can find out what kind of HD it has then I'll do that. thanks
  8. Steamhead

    Pci.sys Misssing Or Corrupt

    how would one do that?
  9. Steamhead

    I Start School Tomorrow.

    ehh some places around here are trying out the year-round thing. they have classes for like 4 or so weeks then have like 2 off, then 4 more on the 2 or so off, etc. etc. ..i don't think I'd like that very much. and UAB is University of Alabama at Birmingham. its not quite a community college but its not a big expensive one either.
  10. Steamhead

    Chappy's Latest Adventures!

    zoom zoom zoom huh?
  11. Steamhead

    Pci.sys Misssing Or Corrupt

    goodness that took forever. but it got to 75% and said "The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems"
  12. Steamhead

    I Start School Tomorrow.

    haha right on terrorist but yea I'm going to college. not sure when/where/for what yet as I have only talked about it with friends. I was thinking about going to a smaller one like UAB or somethign for the basic stuff then going on from there.. I guess we'll see though.
  13. Steamhead

    Pci.sys Misssing Or Corrupt

    chkdsk running now.. 5%.. lol thanks
  14. Steamhead

    I Start School Tomorrow.

    yea they've been starting school earlier and earlier every year here since like 6th grade. and yea I guess I'm taking the ACT and all that this year. fun stuff.