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  1. Dear All, I would just like to say that I battled for 8 hours with this SpyAxe self-installing program. This supposed anti-spyware program installs itself just through surfing and is very annoying as it generates and continual popup on the taskbar, as if it were a genuine windows security alert. I used all the programs I could find to try and get rid of it. My McAffee didn't help And the removal instructions for spyaxe on the mcaffee site took ages to carry out and didn't work. Spybot came up with some entries but didn't get rid of it nor did any of the most trusted free malware removal tools. IN THE END THE BETA MICROSOFT ANTI-SPYWARE PROGRAM DID THE JOB. I would recommend that users run this first based on my experience. N.B the instructions for manual removal on the McAffee site did not help and nor did those on the Norton site