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  1. I would love to get an iphone 4 ,but, I can't justify the expense of the data plan. My el cheapo samsung phone will do for now (it works okay, does texting). The new iphone 4 does look impressive.
  2. hitest

    Howdy to all

    Welcome, snooker! Nice to meet you:)
  3. Slackware 13.1, XFce 4.6.1, running on my Toshiba NB200 Netbook.
  4. Slackware 13.1 is released. I've been running it since Tuesday. Very good indeed:) http://www.slackware.com/releasenotes/13.1.php
  5. Hello folks, Fedora 13 was released this week. Here are the specifications: http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/13/html/Release_Notes/
  6. hitest

    Up and Running

    Yipee!!!! Wonderful to be back up and running again!!! \o/
  7. Awesome news, Jeff! I'm heading out for dinner in a few minutes, but, I'll get back to work in an hour or two and take a look at the Linux section and add some recent news items:) Great to be back up again!!
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    Hi guys

    Hi NeonFx, Great to have you aboard! Welcome to our forum; it is nice to meet you, man!
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi Dragon, It is very good to see you, my friend!
  10. Congratulations, Jeff and Mandy! That is a very nice place you have!
  11. Good news indeed! Her blog post was made in June. Is there any indication of when her show will air?
  12. hitest

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, Barb:) I hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable celebration tonight!
  13. Wonderful news, Chuck!!! Merry Christmas:)
  14. hitest

    Happy Holidays

    A very Merry Christmas to you as well, garmanma!
  15. heading out for dinner.....I'm hungry!

  16. I'm really liking Arch Linux; it is very fast. I love pacman:) I can see why you like it, jcl:)
  17. Hi Tyme:) Good to see you, man! Merry Christmas:) I hope you are enjoying this festive season!
  18. hitest


    Tamiflu is supposed to be an effective treatment for the flu itself. Bah....I mis-read your initial point, jcl. Ha! Yes. Tamiflu is a very effective H1N1 treatment.
  19. hitest


    Well for us Tamiflu was perhaps a welcome placebo effect. My daughter had violent chest pain, nausea, fever, etc...all the classic symptoms of H1N1, and the condition was rapidly getting worse. When she took the Tamiflu she quickly recovered.
  20. This isn't a huge issue for XP users. I think this will encourage people to upgrade to XP SP3.
  21. Slackware-current, XFce 4.6.1, Irssi. Chatting on my favourite IRC channel.