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  1. Bobs ....(just for you Bobby...:-)) apples (as in bobs for apples)
  2. It's Chrome OS this week. It was Android a few months ago. I'm not sure which I'd want less. I'm really digging my iPod touch, besttechie.net looks good:)
  3. I just bought an ipod touch yesterday and love the thing. I'm an open source idiot, but, there is something *very* appealing about apple products. I'm pretty sure my next lap top will be a macbook. Shhhhhh.......don't tell anyone:)
  4. Wow! Wonderful news to hear that your partner will recover, Joe:) I wish you and your lady the very bst, man
  5. hitest

    Picture thread

    Thanks for your kind words, Pat and isteve:) Awesome pictures, isteve. Here's a picture from my living room. My 7 year old, Lisa. She's quite the character. I'm going to get out and get some more shots about town.
  6. hitest

    Picture thread

    I thought it might be interesting to see images from your neck of the woods. I shot this image last week in my town. If you feel like it please share pictures from your area:)
  7. hitest

    I knew it:)

    I knew it:)
  8. Happy Birthday, Jeff!!! I can now buy you a cold beer.....awesome!!! I hope you have a great day, man!!!
  9. Good luck with this shanenin! I'll be curious to hear what is wrong with the unit.
  10. Happy Birthday, TheTerrorist_75! I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend.
  11. I suggest running an operating system that is less prone to malware, penetration attempts: Linux, Unix, OS X.
  12. Happy Birthday, TK! I hope you are well, my friend!
  13. I like the cat with the santa hat:) To continue: infamy