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  1. The leg is doing better. The doc said that the ulcers were healing well and instructed me to start applying wet/dry packing on them. The worse part of the whole ordeal is the burning feeling of the dry cracked skin from the cellulitus. I guess I have to be more careful when it comes to working in the garden. The introduction of the soil mix into an open wound on my shin led to the cellulitus and infection. 

    Good to hear your leg is feeling better, man!

  2. I still think he will be back with no job & a slap on the wrist !! But will every Business want him ....... mmmmmmmmmmmm !!!




    He embarrassed the USA and caused a loss of face internationally.  In my opinion he will not be let off easy.  If he is caught I predict he will go to jail.

  3. He leaked some top secret information to the World and he is now a wanted man; he has been charged by the USA.  If he returns home he will be immediately arrested.  I doubt he will willingly come home.  Excellent topic Chuck.  I've been following this story with interest.

  4. I bumped it up for you !!

    Stay Safe & clean !!

    Thank you for my charge, those kind words make what i do worth while !! ....... "thanks" is my charge/fee !!!

    I will lock this post in 5 days & if you need it re-opened just PM me or any mod here !! I do this so we have no "drive by users in your thread/post"

    Thank you again. And I will tell everyone I know about BestTechie and especially you. ; )

    Thank you very much for the kind words and the referral! We are very lucky here at BT to have Chuck. B)

  5. Thank You Chuck!

    I had a great day, and spent it at home, enjoying my new MOH: Warfighter Game, and my New Forza: Horizon Game. Had a few cals from family, friends and neighbors, and TONS of facebook messages! Had a Blast during this "downtime"

    Take Care :)


    41 and LOVIN' it!!

    Happy Birthday, Brian! :)