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  1. hitest

    Happy 10th Anniversary BestTechie forums

    Seriously? 10 years?! Congrats Jeff and Mandy!
  2. hitest


    Hi Guys, I've been AWOL for a bit. Good to be back:)
  3. hitest

    Obamacare website and security

    I hope to see you here again, Pete_C. Moving this thread to the Politics forum.
  4. hitest

    Adobe hacked

    Thanks for the heads-up, Chuck.
  5. hitest


    Happy Birthday, Mandy:)
  6. hitest

    Hackers got 160 Million

    I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who is obsessive/compulsive when it comes to checking credit card statements. Being paranoid is a healthy mind set these days.
  7. hitest

    Hackers got 160 Million

    Yep. I check each purchase I make on my statements.
  8. hitest

    Happy B Day TT !

    Good to hear your leg is feeling better, man!
  9. hitest

    Mr. President

    I hope you have a great day, Jeff! Happy Birthday, mate.
  10. hitest


    Chuck, Those pictures are awesome; I'm happy you had a great time!
  11. hitest


    Enjoy yourself, Chuck! See you when you're back:)
  12. hitest

    Happy B Day TT !

    Happy Birthday, TT!!!
  13. hitest

    Avast ..... really ?

    Hahahaha, good one, Chuck!
  14. hitest

    Avast ..... really ?

    Heh-heh:) One of many reasons why I'm glad I only manage one windows box at home:)
  15. hitest

    Edward Snowden

    He embarrassed the USA and caused a loss of face internationally. In my opinion he will not be let off easy. If he is caught I predict he will go to jail.
  16. hitest

    Edward Snowden

    He leaked some top secret information to the World and he is now a wanted man; he has been charged by the USA. If he returns home he will be immediately arrested. I doubt he will willingly come home. Excellent topic Chuck. I've been following this story with interest.
  17. hitest

    Suggestion for a sub $200 laptop

    Dan72, The T61 is a nice unit! I've also had a look at those on ebay (I'm a big fan of used stuff). I am seriously considering a Chromebook.
  18. hitest

    Nice new look!

    I really like the new look of the forums! Very nice indeed.
  19. hitest

    Microsoft & FBI

    I get a 404 on that link. Maybe big brother is watching.
  20. hitest

    B Day

    Happy Birthday, cherokeechief!
  21. hitest

    Need help with cleaning and/or infection.

    Thank you again. And I will tell everyone I know about BestTechie and especially you. ; ) Thank you very much for the kind words and the referral! We are very lucky here at BT to have Chuck.
  22. hitest


    This thread is over two years old. Just saying:)
  23. hitest


    Happy Birthday, Brian!
  24. hitest

    Syria loses Internet

    Agreed. Yup, hat would bother me as well!
  25. hitest

    Syria loses Internet

    That would be hard on the civilians and the families over seas.