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  1. hitest

    What are you snacking on?

    Rice, veggies, and a nice big pot of chicken stew made on a slow cooker by my wife.....I'm looking forward to it.
  2. hitest

    Rootkit infestation? redirct search engines

    Closed as per your request.
  3. Why not ditch AOL if their support is terrible and sign up for a free web mail account for your on-line purchases? Create a gmail or yahoo account that you only use for shopping.
  4. hitest

    Ubuntu 11.04

    Good to hear that 11.04 is a good release! Slackware 13.37 was released on Wednesday. I'm also enjoying my upgrade. Very good indeed:)
  5. hitest

    Happy Easter

    A very Happy Easter to all of you who observe this occasion.
  6. hitest

    What are you snacking on?

    Sipping black coffee at the moment. I have a bad chest cold so am not that hungry. For dinner tonight I will be having a beef stew soup that my wife made (leftovers). The soup is very flavorful, it has barley and veggies along with chunks of prime beef.
  7. hitest

    What are you snacking on?

    Pete_C, Very nice! I had some toast and coffee for breakfast. I ended up sort of skipping lunch today, coffee and a donut. For dinner tonight I'm making a chicken dish:)
  8. hitest

    OL slipped in the shower

    Bummer! Good to hear your OL was not seriously injured. I hope she is not suffering too badly.
  9. hitest

    Post Your Linux Screen Shot

    Arch Linux:)
  10. hitest

    10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx

    Sure, it will work fine. If everything is working fine I would probably leave well enough alone. Maybe do a clean install of 11.x when it comes out. If it ain't broke...
  11. hitest

    10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx

    Thanks I will consider that. Another option could be to compile your own kernel, but, I've never attempted compiling kernels for Ubuntu.
  12. hitest

    10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx

    Installing from the 10.10 iso would solve your problem if you don't like running the older kernel. The easiest solution would be to back-up all your data from your home directory and do a clean install of 10.10.
  13. hitest

    Clocks forward

    Good morning friends, Clocks moved forward early this morning. Set your clocks one hour ahead.
  14. hitest

    Clocks forward

    Heh-heh. Agreed. I miss the days of my youth.
  15. hitest


    Oh man, marty, that is terrible! Have you also lost your house? I hope that things are going okay for you!!
  16. hitest


    This will be cool if this happens March 2, 2011 iPad2?
  17. hitest

    Marty, Marty you okay?

    Hi marty! I am very impressed with the relief effort that is underway in NZ, absolutely first rate, judging by your accounts! I am happy that things are going well for you.
  18. hitest

    Marty, Marty you okay?

    Wonderful news, marty!! I am very happy to hear that you are okay!!
  19. hitest

    What are you snacking on?

    Dude....that is awesome:) I'm finishing up my coffee at the moment. I'm having a banana and some pseudo-nutritional cereal for breakfast. That is, the box looks like it should be healthy, but, I get a real sugar hit when I eat it.
  20. hitest

    Hi Guys

    Welcome to our forum, BUGSY!
  21. hitest

    What are you snacking on?

    I had several pieces of cheese pizza and two cold European beers...and some cucumber slices for dinner. Very good indeed. Hmmmm...time for some more pizza:)
  22. hitest


    I am hopeful that the current state of martial law in Egypt is a temporary measure put in place to restore order and a sense of normalcy. I suspect though that protests in some form will continue until free democratic elections are held and the people have a president of their choosing. Interesting times ahead.
  23. hitest

    What are you snacking on?

    Living on a diet of ginger ale ...I need to drink 3-4 liters of the stuff today....no food. I'm going in to the hospital tomorrow for a check-up. I am fine, just being proactive:)
  24. hitest

    What are you snacking on?

    Glad you liked it. It is a quick and easy dish. I went out for Chinese food tonight. We had boneless pork, special chow mein (veggies, prawns, noodles), and fried rice that had shrimp and eggs mixed up in it. Very good indeed. I had a coke and the kids had chocolate milk and orange juice. My wife had a glass of water.
  25. hitest

    What are you snacking on?

    That sounds good. I am going to try it :-) Already juicy thighs with that sauce sounds great. 90 minutes seems really long. I wonder if that much time is necessary 60 minutes will do it....but....I like it to be really cooked. Try and experiment with the time and see how it goes:) I hope you like it!