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  1. You and I will agree to disagree on this issue, bozodog. Thanks for the debate, I enjoyed that a lot.
  2. How is that a choice? I'll give you a good example of why that is a bad idea. Up here in Canada we have eased back on supporting people who have mental illnesses, that is , there are fewer halfway houses and therapists to help people with psychiatric disorders. There are many homeless people who are mentally ill. These are people who cannot hold down a job. How can a person who is unemployable refuse to apply for a handout? Your response I take it would be: "If you don't like it starve." These people do not have the option of refusing help. The sign of a civilized society is how it treats the citizens who are least able to defend themselves. Our society fails on all counts.
  3. When society introduces laws that violate the civil rights of certain individuals it sets a nasty and dangerous precedent. The next new law might be: "We think that there are lots of people taking drugs in this particular neighborhood so we will just stop any person of our choosing on the street and do a full body and cavity search." "It is for the greater good of society that we do this." I understand the intent of the new law about screening welfare recipients for drugs, that is, let us protect the taxpayers from shelling out too much cash. When civil rights are violated it is a slippery slope. Where does it end......a big brother police state? Well, we are just about there anyway. I respectfully disagree with you on this.
  4. No it does not mean that all of the employees that you listed are druggies. I am just making a point, which you agree with, that drug testing everyone is ridiculous. All welfare recipients are not drug users. Some welfare users are drug users as are some employees in the various groups you listed. As to living as an entitled one I wish that were so. In America you have a progressive President who is fighting a difficult battle to try to improve the lot of working people. In Canada we are living in a very right wing regime with a Conservative Prime Minister. In BC, the province where I live, the Premier is working very hard to cut the wages and benefits for workers (myself included). Entitlement?! I think not:) I do realize your argument is a bit tongue in cheek as is mine.
  5. No offense taken:) Yes. I am a Liberal through and through. No I am not subjected to drug testing (I am subjected to a criminal records check), although I would not be averse to taking a drug test. My problem with the wide spread drug testing policy is that it tars everyone with the same brush, that is, all welfare recipients are guilty of being a druggie. If they are required to take drug tests then so should we all as drug users put a strain on the infrastructure of society in general. (yes I enjoy being a PITA playing Devil's advocate)
  6. I am a public school teacher and I would not object to being drug tested. However, I think that blanket drug testing does violate the civil rights of an individual. I think it would make more sense to drug test individuals where there are reasonable grounds to suspect drug use. It could also be argued that drug testing should be extended to all citizens as people who use illegal drugs put a strain on health care, etc. Wide spread drug testing is a slippery slope in my opinion.
  7. FreeBSD 9.0 Beta 3, running XFce 4.8.0
  8. Going out for dinner tonight. My dad is visiting from Vancouver, BC. We're going to have Chinese food; I'm looking forward to it. Chow mien and lots of sweet and sour stuff.
  9. Had some salmon salad for lunch today, it was decent.
  10. hitest


    Very good to see you, marty! I hope things are going well for you:) Take it easy.
  11. If I bump the RAM up to 2GB I will be able to use XP Mode to allow me to run older programs. I also created three partitions. One is 15GB for either dual booting XP or some flavor of Linux. Good to know it runs nice and fast; I will run that in 2014 when M$ stops supporting XP. :-)
  12. Nice. I think you were very wise to pass on Vista. I run that at work and it is a dog. I still have one PC that has an XP Pro partition on it. I keep it around for itunes and for some legacy M$ games that my 8 year old likes to play.
  13. Happy Birthday, Jeff:) Enjoy your day, man!
  14. Black coffee, oatmeal, a banana, and whole grain toast with peanut butter for breakfast this morning. I'm going to have a salad with some salmon for lunch. I am *very gradually* losing some weight:)
  15. hitest

    Me & My Computer

    The performance on my computers does not start to degrade over time because I don't run Windows a lot. I do have one XP Pro partition for itunes and for my daughter's MS games. I primarily run Linux.
  16. Dude.....I now have that image seared into my soul. Heh-heh, sorry, I could not resist. :-) Hang in there, marty! I hope things are going okay for you and your family today.
  17. I'm sipping a glass of fine red wine at the moment. We are heading out for dinner tonight to celebrate my daughter's 17th birthday. I'm thinking some spicy lasagna is in order:)
  18. Oh man, I'm sorry to hear things are tough for you now, marty! Our thoughts are with you.
  19. I agree with Brian. Changing your repository will in all likelihood fix your issue. Ubuntu repos
  20. Lately I've been starting my mornings with a large bowl of oatmeal, one cup of black coffee and some fruit. I'm enjoying this.
  21. Rice, veggies, and a nice big pot of chicken stew made on a slow cooker by my wife.....I'm looking forward to it.
  22. Why not ditch AOL if their support is terrible and sign up for a free web mail account for your on-line purchases? Create a gmail or yahoo account that you only use for shopping.