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    Kernel 2.6.8 Adn Cd Burning

    Welcome to the board, iccaros! It's good to have a Guru here! I hope you'll hang around for a bit. Good to see you here:-) hitest
  2. hitest

    The New Screensavers

    well said handplane! TSS and C4H have helped and educated many people including myself its an ongoing process for all of us I really enjoy watching Yoshi's segments and when they have some really obscure stuff on. It's fun to learn new things.
  3. hitest

    Who Will Win Bush Or Kerry?

    I'm Canadian so I can't vote. I would like to see Kerry win. IMHO Kerry has better domestic policies than the President.
  4. hitest


    Thanks, MistaMatt90! Your post got me to thinking yesterday. I was really tired of the flames and pointless threads at G4. Good to see you here too Take it easy. hitest
  5. hitest


    Nicely done! I've got a Gmail account, but, don't have any invites now. That's exactly what I do when I have invites; I give them away freely. If and when I get some more invites I'll post here.
  6. hitest


    It's nice to be here, thank you
  7. hitest


    Well said! After MistaMatt90 said his goodbyes at G4 yesterday it got me to thinking about why I post there. I couldn't think of any reasons to stay there. This is my new cyber home. It's good to be here. hitest
  8. hitest

    Cracking Down On Hackers

    Wow, That is a frightening article indeed! There are hackers out there for sure. A few years ago when I was just starting out in Linux I was running an old P166 from my home, I had it set-up as an Apache server, running Caldera OpenLinux 2.3. I didn't know anything about security and was just happily hosting a silly personal page on the unit. It was wide open to the Internet. It ran successfully until some jerk hacked it and locked me out of my root account so I couldn't remove him. I had to run fdisk and wipe the drive to get rid of him. There are indeed lots of freaks out there. Very cool story, thanks. hitest
  9. hitest

    How Did You Get Your Name?

    Ha-ha-ha-ha, very true! I don't think I'd like the handle Ethyl, it sounds a tad bit......uh feminine.
  10. hitest

    Keep It Clean

    I really like the layout of this board, easy to use intuitive features. Nicely done!
  11. hitest

    A Tech Support Classic

    That is indeed a classic, Nerelda! Your story reminds me of all the times I have to help my Dad by long distance with his computer
  12. hitest

    Cfh Canada

    I think I've got 30-50 thousand miles of cable in my tool shed; I'll drag it through the forest towards you today. Seriously though, I hope your cable company will soon carry CFH. It is fantastic to see Leo on TV again; he's in good form as usual.
  13. hitest


    Thank you, Nerelda, it's good to see a familiar face:-)
  14. hitest


    If you guys know any Linux gurus then let's invite them here. I'm a mid level Linux user, but, not a super advanced user. I've used Linux for two years now. I've written a few super users hopefully they'll show up here. later, hitest
  15. hitest

    Cfh Canada

    Hi Folks, I'm a Canadian and have been happily watching Leo's new show! His new show is better than the original IMHO. He's had some interesting segments that're enjoyable to watch. He had one sysadmin guy on who showed how he built his own PVR. Leo has said on the show that he thinks that there is a good chance that he'll be able to market his show for America.
  16. hitest


    You're welcome macmarauder! I'm glad you're here, man! Thank you, all of you, for the warm welcome here! I appreciate that a lot
  17. hitest


    Thanks, Besttechie! Much appreciated:-) hitest
  18. I see in this forum there's a place for Windows support. Is there a possibility of a section devoted to Linux/Unix where *nix users could post questions, help users? Thank you. hitest
  19. hitest

    Linux Support Forum

    I'm running Mandrake 10 right now and it's great. I was running Red Hat 9. When you're ready to install one of the distros you mentioned I suggest you go to the hardware compatibility site for the distro. For example, Mandrake has a listing of all of the hardware that is known to work with Linux. You want to make sure your video card, NIC, modem, sound card, and CD ROM drive are Linux compatible.
  20. hitest

    Linux Support Forum

    Wow! Thanks Besttechie! I didn't think I'd get a reply so soon. Cool. I've been requesting a Linux forum at another board that shall remain nameless *cough G4 cough* The other forum is good; it's just I miss having a place to hang with other users. Thanks again hitest
  21. hitest

    How Did You Get Your Name?

    My handle is a nickname for high performance gas and also a nickname for my favorite type of alcoholic beverage. I've gone by the nickname of hitest for a few years on several boards. My other handle on another board is nuclearwasted. It's great to see familiar faces here