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  1. hitest

    Happy 10th Anniversary BestTechie forums

    Seriously? 10 years?! Congrats Jeff and Mandy!
  2. hitest


    Hi Guys, I've been AWOL for a bit. Good to be back:)
  3. hitest

    Obamacare website and security

    I hope to see you here again, Pete_C. Moving this thread to the Politics forum.
  4. hitest

    Adobe hacked

    Thanks for the heads-up, Chuck.
  5. hitest


    Happy Birthday, Mandy:)
  6. hitest

    Hackers got 160 Million

    I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who is obsessive/compulsive when it comes to checking credit card statements. Being paranoid is a healthy mind set these days.
  7. hitest

    Hackers got 160 Million

    Yep. I check each purchase I make on my statements.
  8. hitest

    Happy B Day TT !

    Good to hear your leg is feeling better, man!
  9. hitest

    Mr. President

    I hope you have a great day, Jeff! Happy Birthday, mate.
  10. hitest


    Chuck, Those pictures are awesome; I'm happy you had a great time!
  11. hitest


    Enjoy yourself, Chuck! See you when you're back:)
  12. hitest

    Happy B Day TT !

    Happy Birthday, TT!!!
  13. hitest

    Avast ..... really ?

    Hahahaha, good one, Chuck!
  14. hitest

    Avast ..... really ?

    Heh-heh:) One of many reasons why I'm glad I only manage one windows box at home:)
  15. hitest

    Edward Snowden

    He embarrassed the USA and caused a loss of face internationally. In my opinion he will not be let off easy. If he is caught I predict he will go to jail.