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  1. Yesterday one of my WD My Book 500GB external HDD crashed or something. When I power it on, everything seems fine until I try and copy anything off the drive. I get a System Tray Pop-up that says "Windows - Delayed Write Failed" It's still under warranty but I'd like to get my stuff off before I return it. Is this possible?
  2. My cousin was asking the same thing a few months ago because that M$ wireless adapter is expensive compared to a regular PC adapter. From what he learned, the M$ one is the most hassle free. With the PC adapter ones you need to hunt down special drivers or something to get it to work. I think Microsoft tries to jam it. But I have heard of people doing it
  3. I just acquired 2GB of RAM (DDR2 800, 2x1GB) of Corsair RAM for a $30.00 bar tab. I'm mad though. I was thinking of upgrading my AMD 4600+ Dual-core for a AMD 6000+ and save some money, but just read my board will only handle up to the 5600+. I guess I'll save for an intel CPU (dual or quad) and compatible mobo. I now have the RAM Thanks
  4. I agree with Bubba. Newegg is the best and cheapest places. Other places you might check for sales are or maybe even Ebay
  5. Thanks for all the ideas. I have that Contribute as part of the Adobe package my friend gave me. I'm going to look into that NVU. As far as books, I mentioned it at work and a couple of customers brought me a some (lots and lots of reading). The person who is running the site now said they would show me what they are doing but I haven't heard from them. I wish there was a place where I could practice without having to get a Domain and Hosting, first
  6. I'm thinking about upgrading my mobo, CPU and RAM. I'm think about the intel E6750 Dual Core and don't really have an idea about the motherboard yet (any recommendations). My question is, what speed should I get on the RAM? I want to get 2GB (2x1GB).
  7. I'm looking to take over a web page for a friends club. It's a basic page. They are going to show me what they've done and I'm supposed to take over. It has a newsletter, announcements, pictures and junk like that. Someone installed Dreamweaver on my computer but I don't know where to start. Is there an easier program?
  8. I'm not sure what all you said but can you recommend a good program to start with. Right now I just want to learn how to make a basic site.
  9. I'm interested in learning how to make web pages but I know very little about it. A friend put Dreamweaver CS3 on my computer along with Flash and Fireworks and other stuff. My question is, What is a good book that will take me step by step. I know I can find tutorials on the net but I want a book. I looked at a couple that were really big and expensive. So if you can think of a good book that helped you out when you started, I would appreciate it. Also, can I use the older books like the ones for Dreamweaver MX, 8?
  10. It looks nice and clean, and uses the KDE environment. I had problems with USB devices though. I've recently thought about trying it again
  11. Update. I turned off System Restore after running the virus and spyware scans. Everything is coming up clean. and the computer seems to be running better. Thanks guys
  12. Thanks. Is that the same for malware (like Hotbar)
  13. I like File Scavenger, but PC Inspector might help:
  14. A friend asked me to clean her computer since she let her A/V expire 3 month ago. I installed AVG 7.5 and am in the process of scanning now. So far it has found like 6 Trojans and 3 viruses. I noticed that they are all in the folders, System Information/restore. Does this mean that when I restart the PC that they are going to reinstall? I want to restart the computer in Safe Mode to run the A/V again
  15. Does this effect the laptop if you have it plugged in or just when you run on battery power?
  16. I have Ubuntu on my HP laptop and was wondering if I need to be concerned about this article
  17. I've never used one so I can't recommend any, but I found these Online Converter
  18. One more question Will I notice a difference in performance if I upgrade from the 4600 to the 6000?
  19. I'm thinking about upgrading the CPU in my PC. Right now my computer is an AMD 64 X2 4600+, with 2GB of RAM and a Nvidia 7600GT. And XP Pro. I'm not a gamer but I do some video editing. I'm looking to speed up the time it takes to render video files. I'm thinking about the AMD 64 X2 6000+ or the Intel E6750. I was told to go to Toms Hardware and compare the 2. They are for the most part the same, performance wise. The Intel is a little better. If I go with the AMD I can still use my mobo (it is compatible) but if I get the Intel I have to get a new board. RAM is the same. So, I'm asking for opinions.
  20. This is what I'm told. When the original file is played on the PC it plays fine. But when it is burned to a VCD or a DVD it plays out of sync. The disc is off when it is played back on the PC or a stand alone player. I guess it goes out of sync while encoding with Nero or Adobe. I'm not sure.
  21. I have my stuff on my HDD in the PC and then I have backup copies on an external drive. So, if one fails, I still have it saved to a second drive. But backing up to removable media is a good idea.
  22. My friend, Sultan, how are you? I think my video card (Nvidia 7600gt) has a TV out but I don't have a stand alone DVD Recorder.
  23. I'm trying to burn a TV show to disc. I'm told that it plays fine when watched on the PC but when it's burned to a disc it's out of sync. The obvious problem I have is I can't tell if it's out of sync until I burn it and give it to a friend (and they tell me). I've tried googling this problem but I can't find any answers. Just people with the same problem. Before anyone starts with legal issues with doing this project, I'm doing this for a friend who had to work, not mass production. I've tried Nero and Adobe Premiere Elements. Is there a way to fix the audio?