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    Just want to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving and Best Wishes for the upcoming Holidays!
  2. Great to be back. Hope to see everyone new and old.
  3. I also did a reinstall of spybot and it stopped the bad checksums that I had been getting the last two weeks.
  4. Problem: Running XP Pro. Have a second 18GB Hard Drive. jumpers set at slave. The drive was only formatted with NTFS. The only place that the secondary drive is being recogonized is during the memory test for about 3 seconds and then from the device manager. The Grub showed both drives, my master drive and my secondary drive. My masterdrive shows up correctly as Disk 0. However the secondary is listed as : Disk 1 Basic 18.64GB, that is divided into three partitions ( 1st partition is 8.79GB Healthy/Active, 2nd partition is 8.79 healthy unknown and 3rd poartition is 1.07GB unallocated). After repartitioning the secondary drive it showed up in My Computer. Just spent 21/2 hours loading Linux Fedora to the /dev/hdb drive at the /dev/hdb1 drive. Went through who process , but end result was wasted time. No Linux install, no dual boot options when first start PC. Have same post at G4 and unfortunately no help. I have installed same CD on a single Pc Drive with no problem at school and my PC is better than the ones there. Ques: How to get the secondary drive to show up with the option to boot from it or from the master? Then How to get Linux installed onto it without causing the drive to disappear after install? Thanks in advance from a frustrated ready to destroy PC individual.
  5. CabDad

    Goliath Is Here!

    Glad to see you again! Welcome to this new old house of friends.
  6. Just my thoughts based upon recent events. Was I surprised when I logged in on G4 after being gone for a while. One of my friends who came to visit last Saturday had paid a visit to G4 upon my recommendation to find a source of help in their computer adventures. I do not know who was embarrassed the most her and her husband or myself. I could not believe the change that had occurred in the language at G4 when she told me about it and was even more unsettling when seen for myself. Even though I am moving primarily to Besttechie, I still plan to visit the foul mouths in order to keep in touch with some of the civil friends still there. I hate to say, but there is even a time when there needs to be a mussel on language.
  7. Hello all. It is I , CabDad. First I want to pay a special thanks to LCplMurphy and to moderator Jeff for their help in me being able to log in at Besttechie as I was having some problems and they were able to correct the problem for me. I hope to be here more often now. I see that a lot of old friends are here from TTV boards and look forward in conversing with many in the future. This last summer has been a big bang experience for me that has changed everything for me. As many know I had a sudden Triple bypass that has had it's share of complications. I am currently well on the way to recovery, and even though I have to make a lot of changes, I plan to try and stay my same old self, hopefully for the good. As some know, when I had my heart attack, I was going to college for computer networking and computer security. Luckily even though my medical interruption took place the week of finals, I passed the semester courses successfully. Under doctors orders and permission I will be continuing school this semester, but only being allowed to take two classes instead of the full load and have to check with the doctor each week for observation to make sure I will be OK. I look forward to it especially since my summer consisted of lying in bed or going to therapy four times a week. To all here and from TTV I want to express my sincere thanks to all your thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all. Edited because I don't want my last name out on the open forums. Hope you understand - Jeff
  8. Be sure to check cable connections too. A loose connection can cause other components not to work correctly.
  9. I have the IOGEAR model GCS14 and have noticed little or no difference in video loss, at least any that has been a concern.
  10. Go to google and do a search for QBasics, how to use and so forth.Tried pasting the links to several Q info sites here, but having problems with my mouse. I also am learning the Q Program along with some other programming programs. Hope your having an easier time than me. Relacedf my mouse, here are some links. Hope they help. How Use QBasic Google search QBasic What is QBasic Google
  11. The space that you do notsee is taken up by the autoexe.bat files that are permanent on the computer. In addition to these files that are necessary, there are a whole bunch of duplicate files that are on your computer that you can not view even if you select show all hidden files. The links to some files are disabled by microsoft on purpose and can only be viewed by going through the DOS applications. Even if you accidently run accross these hidden files at a particular time, chances are that you will not be able to find them a second time unless you know what to look for and how to call them up, since they are programed to move around and stay hidden. Since it is to complicated to explain here, you can go here and look fo the article "Microsoft's Really Hidden Files". I went through my system on some of the items and cleaned out a lot and regained almost 2-gigs of space and still have not hit pay dirt. Hope the info helps.
  12. Have not been able to spend much time there or even here since school started. But the few times the last couple of weeks visiting G4 have been disappointing for the same reasons all have mentioned so far. Just not the same there. Everyone here have a great day, gotta hit the books and do flowocharts and all for class.
  13. Speaking of cartoons (pics), Il_Wiccan, where do you get all those niffity pics you are always using?
  14. My cat keeps knocking the receiver off the phone in the bedroom whenever some calls. Guess he's trying to get a spot in the TV commerical where the cats going meow into the phone for the cat food.
  15. Another great idea. However, if I may add to it. The programs for fixing a lot of problems are great to have, but what happens if you can not get to the program inorder to fix your problem. I know that many times, someone who is posting a suggestion / link to a particular program that fixes a problem is doing so because they may not have time to explain the steps involved in doing it the way it had to be fixed before a special fixer program was created. For myself, I would like to see more info on the "how-to-fix-it" without having to depend on a third party program. Maybe rather than taking a lot of time to explain the "how-to", an additional link to somewhere that just might do the explanation would also help if such info was known by the person who was trying to help someone.