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  1. Just get yourself a fat girl to keep you warm. I'm kidding. Those are good tips though Larry.
  2. Thanksgiving, the day where you get to deal with idiot relatives. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody and I hope your relatives don't annoy you.
  3. I bet he also hasn't seen a girl's bra That is so wrong, chicks dig the brainy dudes.
  4. Carnevil


    Halloween makes me laugh, all year long we tell kids not to take candy from strangers. Then one day we say go out and get candy from stangers.
  5. You can use Cedega
  6. Tell them you're an illegal immigrant. They seem to be able to get all kinds of things including a drivers license.
  7. Carnevil

    Drunken State

    You know I drink, but I've never been like that. 18 is not mature enough to drink. You see it time and time again on college campuses. How many times have you heard of some 18 year old college kid dieing of alcohol poisoning?
  8. Carnevil

    My Project

    Nice, but what's with the gigantic fart can.
  9. This is rather interesting.
  10. Carnevil

    Party Time...

    Wooooooooo lets all get naked!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. FreeBSD,Archlinux and soon Slackware
  12. lady >>>>>>>>>>>>>>avon lady. A decade or so ago we had an avon lady killed in our town, or so the story goes.
  13. Happy Birthday Liz, I'd sing but I have a horrible singing voice.
  14. Well yeah it pretty obvious it's setup. But the look on the guys face after he gets hit, is the best WTF face.
  15. This is totally uncalled for, but it made me laugh.
  16. Nice little tribute to him.
  17. If I have to pay to play a game after I've already bought it, I won't play it. But I am addicted to Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion.