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  1. The Stranger's Six-Back To The Start Song sucks gotta turn the channel.
  2. I know alot of people seem to like beryl or compiz so I thought this would be good to post.
  3. The scroll wheel isn't that hard to setup. You'll have to edit your Xorg configuration but there's alot of howto's on doing that. This isn't Debian but it'll work just the same.
  4. Anybody who uses Gnome might be interested in reading this.
  5. Last time I heard nero was very buggy on linux but that was a while ago, I don't know about now. My biggest problem is why should I pay 24 dollars or whatever it is for the license, when i can use a program that's just as good and is free.
  6. I saw this and I don't know how I feel about it, it's nice that we can use it. But I don't know why I would pay to use it when K3B runs just fine. How do you guys feel about linux nero and would you pay to use it? Especially with open source alternatives that work just as good if not better.
  7. How was watching the little brats?
  8. I'm like iccaros; I'll only buy hardware if it has Linux drivers. That will sometimes narrow my buying options, but, I believe in and support FOSS (free open source software). Agreed, I specifically buy what I know will run both linux and FreeBSD. It's one of the reasons I stick with Nvidia for my graphics card. Yeah I know ATI has drivers but they SUCK.
  9. This is far from being a nail in Microsoft's coffin. This will still only interest linux people, you won't see some mass exodus from Windows because of this. It's nice, but remember there's alot of people who uses Windows and don't have a problem with it. I'd never get my family to switch to linux because they're happy with Windows and don't have any problems running it. As much as I love *nix it isn't the right OS for alot of people, atleast not right now. It would be nice if linux could have the easy of use and hardware support of Windows, but it doesn't. Most people just want to turn on their computer and not worry about setting them up. Even if they have to set them up Windows makes it alot easier than *nix. If I throw in an ATI graphics card it won't run as good as it does on Windows. That's not linux's fault but it doesn't matter. People know that if they buy almost any hardware it'll most certainly run on Windows, the same can't be said about *nix. As far as linux has come it still doesn't have the support that Windows or even OSX have.
  10. Interesting, so it only happens some of the time? Last time I had a problem with my monitor not powering off I had forgot to put DPMS in my xorg config. But since it's only happening a few times a week that shouldn't be the problem. I don't know if you've ever read this or not.
  11. FreeBSD 6.2, Xfce 4.4.1 and Thunar Xfce's file manager.
  12. Was I one of these bad posters?
  13. How to install firefox.
  14. I use my neighbors open wifi to download illegal stuff.
  15. I'll eventually install Vista next year or so, but only if I really have to. XP is alright for my minor windows usage. Besides that I'm happy running my *nix.
  16. I couldn't disagree more! Tons of wisdom, just less and less access to it. We're like a set of encyclopedias growing in volume and complexity every year, but it keeps getting tougher to find the articles you're looking for. So maybe us old folks need to defrag our brains? Nicely put, JDoors. I use a journaled file System for my brain so I don't need to defrag.