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  1. Hey man welcome, I was wondering when you'd come here.
  2. Wait, doesn't he just need to learn an Indian Accent? He'll need Humanities Credits, so Theatre will come in handy to learn that Liz Yeah I guess he could just learn the accent, to do that he should go hang out at the local 7/11. Remember man, after you're done helping them say. "THANK YOU CALL AGAIN"
  3. Congrats man. Going to learn Comp Sci, you plan on learning to speak hindi?
  4. sucks Damn you beat me to it. but anyways blows
  5. If you're a beginner dude, I'd say go with Ubuntu or Kubuntu on the linux side of things. Now just because I'm an advocate of the BSD's, I'd also tell you to check out PC-BSD. Nice little review of PC-BSD can be found here.