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  1. My buddy had the best one, one guy kept calling him, so it finally pissed him and he told him if the called again he'd hunt him down and kill him. The guy hung up and hasn't called back since.
  2. I'll also have to say that running it from a CD won't really give you the full experience. The LIveCds are a good way to test your hardware to see if everything will run. I say try a livecd to test your hardware, play with it for a few then download and install Ubuntu or Kubuntu. If you also want to try another type of *nix, try PC-BSD.
  3. That's any liquor, by the way if you think you're rich after only 2 shots you can hold your liquor.
  4. OS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  5. I shouldn't expect anything else from newbie users. But you and I both know that just because the D.E. responds faster that doesn't necessarily mean the system is faster. I'd like to see actual benchmarks on the system.
  6. my first linux install of redhat 9 asked if I wanted to install a boot loader, and it was a graphical installer. Ubuntu chose to leave it out in favor of making it simpler for the masses. Get use to it, this is just the natural dumbing down of newbie linux distros. What I find funny though is even PC-BSD gives you a choice to install a boot loader or not. Eventually it's going to get to the point where people like us will only have a few choices for *nix. It'll probably end up Slackware,Arch,Gentoo,the BSD's and Solaris.
  7. Beethoven>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hope I spelled that right, I've been drinking
  8. Yes, I also like a little control. Is it true the installer is now graphical, because I kind of like the debian-like text installer in Ubuntu 5.10? I've heard from a few users that 6.06 is faster than 5.10.....that would be nice. Text based installers are the sh*t, I like being in control of what happens during installation. The last part of your message caught my eye. They say it's faster, is that by them testing it, or is it anecdotal? It bugs me when people say one distro is faster when they haven't run any actual tests. I hope I'm not coming off like an ass, that stuff just bugs me.
  9. How did you fubar your Ubuntu install?
  10. For all the people who don't know Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake has been released.
  11. Lake>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Placid
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