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  1. Wow, this is just ridiculous. Please somebody help me I ran a traceroute and I have 4 at&t routes, 2 in detroit and 2 in chicago. Oh god no the NSA is sniffing my traffic, that means they know I download porn. Just for reference take a look at this Eventually you'll go through an at&t node.
  2. Rain>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Purple Rain. By the way I love Deep Purple, Perfect Strangers is an awesome song
  3. Not do be a d*ck, but why post this here. Is getting banned from that good for nothing forum a big deal? You shouldn't expect anything more from the mods there, that place is a freaking sewer.
  4. Arch linux 0.7.2 with the new 2.16.17 kernel. It's an alright distro, I've had a few problems, including X crashes and sound problems. But I've got most of those ironed out, I don't think I'll keep using this over FreeBSD, but it's nice. Here's some nice scenery.
  5. It was 90 here, but I watched a great fight on HBO. It was Jermain Taylor VS Winky Wright, great fight.
  6. lock >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.combination lock