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  1. This was kind of a depressing read.
  2. Hey boys and girls (if there are any) this is a topic on Writely not what browser you prefer.
  3. I use both google and googlebsd I also use Yahoo just because they're big supporters of FreeBSD.
  4. Woh I forgot to wish you a happy birthday brother hitest, I'm sorry about that. Happy Birthday Man.
  5. Both Firefox and Opera are great browsers. I use both and it really just comes down to personal preference. Some of you just really need to calm the fu** down, it's just a piece of software.
  6. Get me drunk and I'll do almost anything, except anything that involves swimming or heights.
  7. If I was you, I'd go with the new Intel Core Duo chips. They're really outperforming the Athlons.
  8. Web browser >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. Gadgets are safe, but women on Japanese trains aren't.
  10. Glocks are nice, but I prefer the new Springfield XD Sub-Compact. That's what I used to qualify for my CCW. I've never had a pistol that accurate straight out of the box, atleast for the price. I'm a big fan of the Colt 45 and the M14, I'm actually looking at buying a M1A Socom.
  11. It's amazing what people will get upset about. But what are you doing with the bayonet dude? Planning on making a charge or something? That part made me chuckle, I can understand grabbing the rifle, but why the bayonet. One other point is rifles, especially high powered rifles aren't good for defense. There's too much to worry about, blow through is one of them. If there's alot of houses around you then a rifle isn't a good thing to use. They tend to go straight through the body and can cause damage to surrounding houses and people. Now a shotgun would be a perfect choice. Not only do you not have to worry about blow through, but they'll do alot more damage. That and just the sound of a shotgun racking back is usually enough to scare the hell out of anybody. Just remember dude, whats behind your target is just as important as your target.
  12. roman >>>>>>>>>>>>>empire
  13. Try Phlak, it comes with kismet. With this you can be a leet haxor.
  14. Belushi >>>>>>>>>>>>