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  1. Rehab = Bartender Song (Sittin At The Bar)
  2. Very sad news, George could make anybody laugh. The world has lost a great comedian. R.I.P.
  3. The Air Gear Soundtrack., a bunch of songs from Skankfunk.
  4. Carnevil

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to BestTechie, you'll find we're all pretty friendly.
  5. Archlinux KDE-3.5.9 Kooldock Dark-glass Icons
  6. Slackware,Archlinux,Gentoo,BSD's,etc.
  7. I better get to making some tin-foil hats.
  8. Watching Great Teacher Onizuka. FreeBSD-7.0, Xfce-4.4.2, Mplayer-0.99.11.
  9. Manuals are great reading while sitting on the crapper.
  10. Cage - Blood Boy Cool Calm Pete - Get With The Times Rob Sonic - Brand New Vandals