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    A_z Of Tv Shows

    K=Kanon Comcast on-demand has a huge anime section, granted I did post Soul Eater and Gintama. But hey we're eventually going to run out of American shows, so why not make it international.
  2. Carnevil

    A_z Of Tv Shows

    Kindred:The Embraced
  3. Carnevil

    A_z Of Tv Shows

    Code Geass:Lelouch Of The Rebellion
  4. Damn I came in late, sorry about that. Can you remember the error ports gave you?
  5. I don't know what kind of games you play. But if you get a chance check out Gears Of War,Bioshock and Mass Effect.
  6. Rage Against The Machine - Settle For Nothing Rage Against The Machine - Take The Power Back
  7. Happy birthday Hitest, hope you have a great day.
  8. Thanks for the wishes guys, I spent half the evening drunk. I'm paying for now though, hangovers suck.
  9. Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade