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  1. I've been using the trial version of Font Creator to turn pics into fonts.Works great BUT I would like to find a free version. Not that I mind paying but its a little high for no more than I would be using it. I've googled for a freeware version of a font maker/creator til my eyes hurt with no luck.Anyone have any ideas? Never mind, the problem is solved.
  2. thanks! Worked like a charm.As usual,help was fast in coming here.The registered owner thing I will save to another day.But I will get around to it eventually.
  3. Ok So I found an old computer at a yardsale for $10.Not fast (600mhz) but I just hooked it up to my network and will do for a file server.Anyhow,the computer name is LESA and I'm not LESA in fact not even close. Is there a way to change the computer name,other than a registry hack? OS is XP Pro. Thanks in advance for any help. John (not Lesa)
  4. Is the link supposed to support Firefox as faster? From the article: "So overall, Opera seems to be the fastest browser for windows."
  5. There are no big problems with Opera. Anyone who says its hard to use is either too lazy to stick with it until they get used to it, or too lazy to read the tutorials. As a LONG TIME Opera user, all I can say is,its fast,its lean,and its clean. Firefox(ouch) lasted about a week on my PC. Oh,and 'Mouse", Opera has been ad-free for awhile now. If you are looking for a serious,secure browser,Opera is what you want. If you believe all the Keven/Leo Firefox smooching propaganda, then stay with FF.
  6. missing the true point here....what is next? Will they be scanning our hard drives to see what else we might have? Its about privacy.Open the door,let them in and you have no privacy. If M$ can find a way to mess this up,they will.Not known for doing things right the first time. I see a 'patch' for the update and then a patch for the patch somewhere down the line. For a company that depends almost entirely on its software for revenue,they seem to be bending over backwards to drive people to open source.
  7. no,I"ve tried all that,which is weird.I checked the setting for my other computers and they are the same as this one . I do have Total recorder so its not URGENT but I hate to have something that I can't get working.,
  8. I had to install audacity onot a new computer today. Under the recording source,the only options I have are "Line In' and "Microphone". No mono mix,no stereo mix,etc. I've looked everywhere in the preferences,and can't figure this one out. I've installed Audacity on computers many times and never had this problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. I could be wrong but I think I read somewhere that the drive uses a different laser for CD than for DVD because the two have data burnt at different depths. The laser,of course,has to focus at that depth. Buy a new drive they are dirt cheap now.
  10. sell your old ram on ebay.It will go fast.
  11. Version 9 (currently out in Beta) has built-in adblocking ,and its as easy to use as right clicking. I'm in my second week of trying it out...so far I love it.
  12. Right on the money. I have 4 DVD players...2 will play VCD and 2 won't. Try it and see.... IF the DVD player will play picture CD's chances are it will play VCD's.
  13. Opera, for over 4 years. DL 9.0 this morning and have been playing with it all day.So far,LOVE IT! The adblock feature is great,and SO easy to use.
  14. If you have a pet and want to take it with you, www.letsgopets.com is a great resource. La Quinta Inns take pets as a matter of policy. Just thought I'd throw that in for you pet lovers.
  15. Thats's probably the stupidist thing I've ever heard.What's next..Target Employees can't shop at walmart? This is America,for God's Sake. That's the type of thing Hitler would have done. Henry Ford was an anti-semitic Bigot...looks like things haven't changed much. Chevrolet....all the way! Oh..btw....Nissan makes cars right here in Tennessee..and isn't Chrysler owned by Daimler...a German Company?
  16. I've yet to find a DELL,Compaq,HP, or ANY pre-built off-the-shelf PC with a good,quality PSU. They are all crap.
  17. My suggestion to you would be to refuse to work on E-Machines. That would take the bitter taste out of your mouth... If I kept falling off a bicycle because I couldn't ride, I would not get back on again... Exactly.
  18. Last month,Bellsouth had a system-wide outage in my area.Lasted for about 12 hours. I could connect but speed was slower than dial-up. This is the only time its been down since I got it 8 months ago.Anyway,I had never disconnected the modem from the jack so I just used my dial-up number. And lo and behold....my dial-up speed was double what I had been getting before I got DSL.Almost a full 56K! Nothing wrong with dial-up for checking email and chatting. Thats why most (if not all) Broadband ISP's have back-up dial-up numbers. Things happen.
  19. Well said! I have been buying music since 1964 and I'm getting tired of replacing the same albums every time a new format comes out. Same goes for videos. This year alone I have spent maybe $1000 replacing VHS with DVD. And who gets that money? Its not the artists,the directors,the creators of the content. You sure don't hear the record company executives crying to congress over the poor treatment of performers. Only this week there was a story in the news about Hank and Jett Williams having to go to court to prove that they were entitled to royalties for their own father's recordings. Give me a break! Its really nobody's business what I do with a CD after I buy it,as long as I don't copy for resale. The truth is the record companies have the money and the clout to get laws passed that are to their advanrage and unfair to the consumer. If everything worked this way, you would buy a car and have to drive it til it quits working,then throw it away. You couldn't have it repaired,you couldn't have a new engine put into it,and you couldn't re-sell it as used. Big Brother Is Watching US!
  20. the last part.. his player is not compatable with napster if he must change formats. this gives you rights to move the song to cd.. not from cd or to another device.. in Law you say spacificly what you can do.. everything else you can't. see the last part about not copying that cd back to the computer (transfer back) which means you can not make a cd, then make MP3's from that cd This is the killer here.. This makes this transfer unlawful.. you can transfer to a "compatable" music device, not change formats to put on a music device, and it must keep the security requirements. which if you change formats and remove the DRM you defeted this.. here once it is transfered you loose all rights to do anything eles with the music.. and you may be required to register with napster that you did move it.. sorry this is incorrect so in the end the only things you can do with napster music is 1. make a CD, but not rip that cd 2. move music in its napster (drm) format to a music device that is compatable with napster.. they must have a list of what makes it compatable. 3. move music to another up to 3 of your (no one elses) computer. Well,caught again by legalese! Technically,its not even legal to rip a copy protected CD to your hard drive. One of these days the people in Washington,the people in the music business,and the people in the Electronics industry are going to get together and make it illegal to do anything with music you buy and pay for but listen to it. Then the courts will come along and change the rules again. Consider this: When Radio came along,the people in the music industry said nobody would buy recordings if they could listen to them for free on the radio. They were wrong. When TV came along, people in the film industry said nobody would pay to see a movie if they could stay at home and watch TV for free. They were wrong. When cassette tape recorders came along,the music industry was all bent out of shape over people recording music off of the radio and not buying it. Ouch,that really hurt. When the VCR came along,the movie industry raised hell and tried to stop it in its tracks. Then they tried to impose a tax on blank media. This was of course before they realized the potential profit in selling a movie on VHS for $90 that cost them a few dollars to produce. ( this was the mid 80's. I worked in a video store,and MOST videos back then were that high) When recordable (stand alone) CD duplicators came along,the music industry raised hell,and managed to get a tax imposed (Fee) on blank media and insisted you needed 'music' CDs to record with. In fact.most stand alone players did need these. And yet,after all of this....the music industry (which for YEARS screwed the artist out of what was rightfully their share of the profits) still goes on. The film industry makes more money than ever and cries out against piracy...while at the same time wringing every last dollar they can from a film...Video (DVD) sales,pay-per-view, premium movie channels(HBO,etc) and then finally,after a year or two,sells the film to regular TV where anyone with a television can watch an edited,cut to pieces film for FREE (in between the commercial breaks). Legal to do what the OP asked....probably not (its really a matter of interpretation of the fair use thing). But there is a difference between what is legally right and what is morally right. As for Napster.....they want your money,but make it impossible (under their TOS) to listen to the music you BUY on most of the portable devices that are made. Lets all make mp3 players and then sell music in other formats. Its all about greed. The consumer (me AND you) who pays the price. To sum it all up,the OP asked how he could convert music that he LEGALLY downloaded,bought and paid for to a format that would play on his 'portable device'. His question was answered.
  21. god damn it i had learn my lesson >.< yep i did the registry for that programe It sounds like the same as "FREE SPYWARE KILLER" or "FREE VIRUS HUNTER" and all the crap that actually puts viruses and spyware on it. 9 times out of 10 (or maybe 99 out of 100) Free means catch Thats why when I want a free program, I search for 'open source'. never been burned yet. There are people out there who create programs for the fun of it...and don't expect a thing back. Shareware used to be nice...now it just means 'I share the program with you,you share your money with me."
  22. You too? 4 years ago I was content to just surf the net and let others worry about my computer. Then I had a crash and lost everything.Very important data,pics,etc. decided right then and there that it wasn't going to happen again. So I read all I could,asked questions from everyone,got some old PC's to practice on...and now everyone comes to me when they need help.The last crash I had (a few months ago) I didn't lose a single bit of data.
  23. god damn it i had learn my lesson >.< yep i did the registry for that programe well we all live and learn. A few years back when I still had dial-up I tried one of those web accelerator apps. All it did was make graphics and pics fuzzy. I couldn't tell a tit from a toenail. That lasted one hour.
  24. I can't believe you fell for that crap. There is no miracle way to speed a CPU up. You can tweak settings,etc...and this is probably all the program does. In your case,it probably tweaked something really bad. You didn't ,by chance,back up your registry first,did you?