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  1. "If your brain works normally this is neat."

    LOL... I guess I don't pass the normal test.

    Cool ! Prolly just me... most of the pinkies only fade a little, others almost fade out once in a while; and I'm cognizant of a small set of RED pixels (artifact?) at about the 9:50 position flashing in place in synch with the 'green' moving dot moving by.

    Saved to My Pictures (animated.gif) for further study.

  2. ... Sweet


    suck less (it just popped into my head :D ......might have something to do with the new pain meds I just started taking tonight). Unfortunately "success" for me has come down to just not hurting as much. Hence, life sucks less = success.

    ... drinking-straw-with-a-pin-hole-in-it sucks less... I guess B) .