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  1. I got a unlimited supply from people all over. Go to sign up in your area and get stuff free! Its a good cause check them out! Ask for a gmail invite there! I also have 300 in my gmail accounts just ask if you need one!
  2. Oh know are you serious!!?? I love that show!! I did notice last weeks episode being weird and all advertising the end times the Federation! I hate to see it go it was one of the best star trck spin offs ever!! So long enterprise........
  3. Yes mine does it and I have it on my laptop in my room. Very neat at night I say..... If you want to just get a hammer and wack it once really hard it will go out. Just joking this is normal for great mice!
  4. Maybe she even got him off the pot! Yes the way the government and the law works now days is so unfair!
  5. Hello marty! I never replied to this topic for some reason. Firefox is the best browser out there. I also have k-melon but don't use it. Firefox and those extensions beat any browser! If you need some help operating firefox why not check out this Tutorial I wrote. I was reading your posts and thought maybe you might want to look at it. The whole thing took about 4 hours to write it should be detailed. I hope this helps you learn to use firefox better.
  6. Throughs mud on windsheild and runs to handplane jk But if this was true im sure people might fall for it!
  7. the devils numbers on it the 666......
  8. Maybe this site will help....Try typing in google "antique appraisals"
  9. I ask that out of the act of kindness from the mods and admins here that this topic be pinned. I know of a Friend who's neice needs a liver transplant. Here is her message please If you can help I truly ask that you do so. You will be saving a life! :yes: Please help if you can she has not very long to live! Her message for you all............. "The testing resulted in the Transplant Doctors team at the Hospital telling us she needs a live liver donor as soon as possible. They said a person could donate a small portion of their liver and it would regenerate itself in the donor and grow in her. Please pray we find a person who can donate. They must be able to spend from 30 to 60 days recuperating so their liver will regenerate itself. They must have O Pos blood. Be in good health and be between the ages of 18 and 55. And be a non-smoker. If there is anyone of you out there that may be interested in becoming a live liver donor for Alexia. First of all you are indeed an Angel from above. And secondly here is the info. needed to contact the coordinator for Alexia's transplant: Nurse Kim Migneco she can be reached at 314 454-2409. (Childrens Hospital St. Louis, Missouri ) The Regular numbers at Childrens Hospital are: Main Number: 314 454-6000 Information Number: 314 454-2615. " If you can please help this child!
  10. I saw this at another site! Let me say I still love to see it! So amazing!
  11. Thanks so much they were as you said great!
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    You can make your email private and only allow PM's...
  13. Here is my input. If you have done 98 pc with the XP cd not the restore cd you will have no problems at all. ALl you do is add the code on the cd case and they will check it online then you will be set. Its just about the same as a 98 OS but you must put that code in there. Hope this helps you some. If you need any help during the process just ask here.
  14. Its about time im on top once again!
  15. used them a little free FTP and 1 gb transfer. But as little as it is there reliable.
  16. This isnt a real ipod link. But I have read people doing it. Rather it was on the news. Poor people. Yeah you need a quick view of @@@@ at church? How lame is that? Your in church no looking at stuff like that lol.
  17. Hi jason again! Glad you came here finally! See you around! Im also adding one of these to my forums.
  18. Hannah is popular last year......... Ughh..... maybe Kimberly Those are my two. GO to google and type there is a lot there!
  19. I also am learning you know making my site thanks all! I knew of a few of them I think! But thanks!
  20. Welcome to Besttechie! Hope to see you posting so we can get to know you!
  21. Well I hope the user will help you! I have never had the problem I was linked there by other download site...... Again Good job everyone over there from Cowsgonemadd3!
  22. Wow Look we got somebody from major geek here! Just to say your site is good......
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    Well I can pull a cow out of a cow does that count? Yeah well this is neat and you just learned something new! People use this to hide words in a webpage to get extra keywords!
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    Ok I will post it! To do the invisible dots look up the page source of a board like this and find the background color code........ Once found say the regular thing to make something colored like [email protected]@@@ Bla bal balakan[@/color] Just put the dots as the background color and nobody will be able to see them. Then you can space out your sig banner by using the invisible dots! Do you also want me to give you the right color code or can you find it? Tip use the # in the number code or it wont work!