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  1. Oh my! Thats funny but ouch...
  2. The 320gb one is for me if I was going to buy one. It seems like a good deal!
  3. Recorded from a actual live tech support conversation when I was helping someone. I got a little humor out of it and thought you might too. The user also laughed. <user> ps-why do you think my cordless keyboard keeps playing up? [11:06] <user> do i need a new one [11:06] <cowsgonemadd3> batteries [11:07] <cowsgonemadd3> most likely batteris [11:07] <user> I didnt think it ran on batteries [11:07] <cowsgonemadd3> lol [11:07] <user> lol [11:07] <cowsgonemadd3> cordless keyboard? [11:07] <user> sorry not very techy me! [11:07] <cowsgonemadd3> its ok
  4. Male... A device for scanning through all 375 channels every 5 minutes. You know I dont have cable but whenever I go on vacation I do flip almost all the time trying to find a show. There is just so much on. And that little tv guide channel scrolls too slow!
  5. Well whats worse finding a human finger in your chili or a rat? Funny!
  6. Thanks everyone! I did take a short break from here. I came in the chat room on and off though as I do every now and then. I have been really busy lately. See you guys around the forums!
  7. I know its been a while. Just wanted to say hi to everyone!
  8. If you pay into any of those plans your getting burned. I have been looking for a host for my new site and have found better deals with all the same features but more space and transfer. Here is a site all about website owning: They have been where I have learned a lot and am asking questions there now. There are a lot of web host owners there that will give you a custom plan. Here are a couple hosts better than what you have now: They offer more for the same price. It always pays to search around!
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    Im or was yesterday in the 70's!! So exciting and we caught a 8 1/2 pound bass in a pond... No problems here. Were in SC.....
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    Garden Work

    Heard it before on a email but that is so good! Mine was a little different than that one though.
  11. For 1k they can keep it! Its bad enough for 89.99 for XP home!
  12. Im going to share that one!
  13. Whats wrong? Have you done something to get warned? Most of the time I thought the mods tell you something.
  14. Thanks handplane! Well my idea is that light would beat it first. Or why would nasa want to get lightspeed data transfer like we have over the internet?
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    Death Clock

    Ahh im not supersticious. I dont believe in these things...
  16. Thanks for the heads up I will post that on my site!
  17. Whats your site link? Whats your site on? Who hosts it and is it using a site builder or FTP?
  18. Yes it is still free for now. This is the best free host out there. But there paid plans arent the best. I have had many offers from webhosts to give me a deal like 200gb month transfer for like 9.99month. I will stick to free until my site gets known. Then I will start paying for my webspace not the forums. If I need more features than Invision free can give me then I will have to go paid. But that would require money. Most sites then start using adds and asking for donations. I would have to do the same.
  19. Im parting with freewebs. Freewebs has no MSql or FTP access or hardly any other features of what I need and will need. My new host is this: My URL will be the same Some say freewebs give out spyware this is not true. But im parting anyways. I only get on freewebs 500transfer a month and 35mb space. Here on this new one I get 3gb and 100mb space. I big step up. Hopefully I can now make my site better with more space.
  20. Arent you a little off topic on that one? Im going to switch maybe I found a better host. Its not filled with spyware "anymore" I have proven this. Thanks
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    Wow I might look into that in the future. Thanks