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  1. Now that is one way to stump your wife...Wow!
  2. Wow now thats a thought......
  3. Oh my! I got shocked just reading it lol!
  4. Thanks! It sounds rather hard. I might try python.
  5. Well thanks! Looks like this is way to much work if not impossible for now. I dont know if dvds are synched with the CC or not I will have to look and see. Well what can I do to learn how to make any program? Id like to just try. Are there programs out there that make programs? How do you make a program? Is there a good tutorial?
  6. No no... There is no editing to the actual dvd! A filter not a editor.... Nothing to do with the titles. It relies on the Closed caption(like the words that appear on the screen as they are said for the blind person) to block out the cuss word. It will just follow the CC and when it finds a bad word on the list it will go beep or mute it.
  7. Cuss word filter that uses the closed caption on the dvd. Want to make a cuss word filter. Just something to work with like Windvd or WMP. Whats needed for something like that? It would be a small program I would think.
  8. I have never really tried to make a program before. I got VB Beta but it ran out before I got time to try it out. I want to make a program to work with a dvd not nothing major but I dont know making it may be major. Its going to be a filter. It would use closed caption. What would I need to make software like that? Or any software? I was just wondering what all it took...
  9. Yeah and for the reason we have to have warning on Mc donalds coffee now "Warning its hot"!!! ^ | You think?
  10. Those were funny! Some days your the dog,and some days your the hydrant!!
  11. Thats pretty funny! Id laugh if I saw it from someone!