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  1. I downloaded webplus 6.0 & love it! It is exactly what I needed & was looking for. I know the bare basics of HTML (or at least will if I refer to my notes from last year). This program gives me the option of putting HTML in addition to creating the whole thing on a blank template. If I ever have the need for HTML for like a flash program or a counter or whatever, I can always just copy & paste it from a free website instead of trying to figure out creating it myself. Thanks for all the help
  2. I am looking for a host that does not use "sitestudio" for their builder. I think "sitestudio" is difficult & doesn't seem to have a lot of flexibility. Is there a host out their that offers the ability to design by using drag & drop features? If anyone is familiar with AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0, I love it except it is only for making interactive CD/DVD roms basically. I want to be able to build a website similar to how AutoPlay builds the interactive roms.
  3. Someone recommended to me that was an excellent site. After looking at what they offer & going through the website, I went with them. I am now finding out that it is very difficult to accomplish what I need done. The help center is very prompt at attempting to answer my questions, but aren't answering them fully. I ask about 5 or 6 in depth questions & I am getting a one sentence response. 1. If I am unhappy with them, or any web host for that matter & have already paid for the full year, what are the policies out their for getting my money back? 2. Depending on the answer to question 1, Does anyone know of any good ones out there that are easy to use, can let me upload my offline work on AUTOPLAY MEDIA 5.0 (which isn't really designed for websites, more for interactive CDs & DVDs) & can help me set up a ecommerce page for really cheap. 3. If I get good news on the above two questions, would they also transfer the URL that I have picked out? I am so frusterated! Thanks in advance.
  4. I have attempted to create a website offline. I am now for the first time trying to use Filezilla. Any idea of about how long I should expect the transfer to go through? How do I know when it is done.
  5. thanks. Will that change it for good or will I have to do that everytime?
  6. I have two back-up hard drives. One I trust & has been working fine for a while, the other one (a Seagate) seems to pretend nothing is there every once in a while which scares me. In an effort to keep back-ups, the number of jump drives are starting to mount. Is there a way to name them so that if I have it plugged in an open it will show. "Work (J):" instead of "LEXAR MEDIA (J):"? Thanks in advance
  7. Shanenin, Awesome idea! I never thought of that. I am definitely going to do that. I still will try to get as much as I can in one place organized by folders but your idea is a sure fire way of getting organized! Thanks again
  8. I am not sure if this is a simple question or a very complex question. I am starting to get into so many different things with my computer, saved things are getting lost. Downloaded music: One program goes to one folder, one goes to another Created music: Goes to another Videos: downloaded are saved one place Created videos: Are saved somewhere else Web page designs: Stuff is put all over the place because I have the actual program creations, then Flash elements, then the videos & pics are saved into places besides the folders above. Sometimes things are saved in a download file while other times they are saved into my pics or my vids or my music. My basic question is, is there a way to default everything to a certain location where I can have all of these files organized for my understanding? It is very tedious remembering what long path I have to go through to retrieve certain things especially when I am using them all for the same ultimate project. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks And that is okay to do? All those icons would still work? Or could I manually do this so that I can have it organized? For example, I just downloaded "filezilla". I have the "filezilla" icon, but I also have the original downloaded set/unzip icon. Do I need the original now that I have it up & running via the other icon that was created? If I don't need it, do I delete, remove via control panel, or just move it into a big junk folder? Thanks again in advance,
  10. Sorry, forgot to give my specs My Computer: Dell Dimension 8250 Pentium 4 (2.40GHz) 512 MB of RDR Running XP Radeon 9700 Pro Wireless Router Laptop Connected X-Box Live using a dedicated Email 3.5 Floppy A Drive C – Drive (Hard Drive)(111G) D – Drive (DVD Speed: 16x) E – Drive (CD-RW Speeds Read 40x Write 40x) F – Drive (Cannon Card Reader) G – Drive Back-Up Hard Drive Rocket Pod (Stackable) (149 G) H – Drive (Usually a Flash Drive) I – Drive Back-Up Hard Drive Seagate (279 G) 18 – 19 inch Flat Panel Planar Monitor HP Printer/Copier/Scanner 750 Dazzle DVC Logitech QuickCam Express #6 Internet AOL/DSL Wireless Logitech Mouse Casio Label Laser Printer
  11. I have a couple questions. 1. Is there a site that could tell me what/how I can safely move some of the icons on my desktop somewhere? 2. Or do I need to list the icons I have here & people here can tell me things like "you don't need that on your desktop it is in your program files, etc..." 3. Is there a free site/microsoft trick where I could keep the icons on my desk but somehow group them (maybe in a folder) without the directory getting messed up? For example: I have a lot of games on a back-up hard drive. I also have quite a few on my desktop that I do try to use. I don't think that I can put them into a folder & call it games because it will no longer work? Or was I not doing something correctly like "paste shortcut" instead of "paste"? Thanks in advance
  12. thanks so much for everything. I think I am going to go with midphase.
  13. I thought of another one after getting off the phone with them. will provide help on making the site & midphase won't. Not a huge deal because midphase will allow me to transfer what I have built from another program over to their place. I have AutoPlay 5.0 & am slowly getting a lot of the basics down like adding links, buttons, pics, text, & videos, etc ... but have never learned how to do really advanced things. For example, I would like to have ecommerce on my site but wouldn't have the faintest clue as to how to do it. When the time comes for me to add that on, will I be able to find the necessary (Code?) that I need to get it done through a help forum maybe even like this one? I got the impression that would do it for me. I am still leaning towards though. Thanks in advance