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  1. ok i did the malware, I restart the computer. I went to paste it and there isn't anything to paste like it got wiped out when I re started the computer so I ran it again and now it says nothing found....
  2. working on the malware log. it is telling me I have 48 threats. I got through the whole scan finally and then it showed the blue screen again. but so much has been fixed I am hoping 94th time is a charm....
  3. it has happened 4 times now where a blue screen appears after I have clicked a few things. Last night I exited two screens and it came up saying flash dump. if this is the first time please restart computer if this has happened more then once please remove newly installed hardwear. I did both things. and it keeps happening. My computer is running slow. If we are watching hulu on the computer it goes to a flashing screen and turns green so there is no picture but there is sound still. and when I was listening to Pandora it made a grinding type sound then the blue screen popped up again.