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  1. I'm not really using IE, I'm using Google Chrome, but Google Chrome still uses the computer's Internet Properties. I checked the Active X controls and apparently it's enabled. This time I tried to use a proxy and I could connect to https sites! I'm guessing that there's a problem with my iP, who knows...
  2. I've uninstalled Malwarebytes and even restarted my laptop just in case, but there's no such luck. I attempted to run my computer in Safety Mode (with connection on) and it seems like I can't access https sites there either... I could connect with the Ethernet cable for a while, but my computer had to restart for an update and now I can't even connect to https sites on the Ethernet cable.
  3. Like I said in my first post, I'm using ESET Smart Security 7, and with Malware I'm using Malwarebytes.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Chuck. I've tried to scan my computer again but with no such luck. I don't think any malware or virus caused this because of that, but I'll think about your offer if the problem isn't solved.
  5. I'm running Windows 8 on my computer (the problem wasn't bothering me until recently this week) and I've tried all sorts of options, having to go on Yahoo to search up all sorts of sites, but none of these suggestions seemed to work: - Flushing out DNS cache - Resetting the internet connection - Re-registering DLL files - Clearing the SSL cache - Resetting the computer to factory settings (yep, I was willing to go through that, my computer needed a cleaning anyways) - Checking for Malware / Viruses using Malwarebytes and ESET 7 - Checking my time and date - Checking my hosts file - Just restarting the computer - I'm using no proxy. - I've checked the whole Internet Properties > Advanced thing. I'm using both SSL 2.0 and 3.0. I've tried resetting my IP but for some reason it thinks that I'm not connected... I can connect to HTTPs sites using my tablet, and my family's computers seem to be working fine except... Well, mine. At this point, I really am stumped at what to do. This is happening in all the browsers I use (IE, Opera, Chrome, even Sleipnir). The reason why I didn't mention Firefox is, while I can access the site itself, I can't download it. Got any clues? EDIT: Apparently when I use the Ethernet cable, I could access HTTPs sites. Yet, when I go wireless, the problem comes back. EDIT2: ...My laptop installed an update for Windows and now it can't go to HTTPs sites on the Ethernet cable too...