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  1. Will install MPVS HOSTS, any thoughts on the firewall programs?
  2. Will the MPVS HOSTS slow my computer down?
  3. Hello, went ahead verified the settings in IE, but also downloaded firefox and set it up and i am using it now as my default browser. Also installed WOT for firefox. Both of the "Free" firewall programs are not free, needless to say they have a number of bad reviews. If I am going to pay for a firewall program I would lke it to not slow down my computer, I know they will to some extent. Maybe I read into them to far because you did say "using a firewall in its default configuration".
  4. not good, says it intstalled but on reboot it will not finish the update. ?
  5. I am currently running IE 8
  6. Running ok, other than the add-ons pop-up.
  7. I could not even get IE 9 to install.
  8. sorry that did not help with either IE 11 or the ADD-ons?
  9. I have tried the english windows 7 SP1 32bit, when I tryto run it it gives me the following error: C:\Users|owner\applicationd data\local\mS\windows\temp internet files\content.IE5\TXQJ6JAX\ IE11-windows 6.1-86-en-us [1}.exe is not a valid win32 app. ?
  10. hello, I have updated both adobe and java. Have tried several different time and ways to update IE. The IE link you posted doesn't work. Now when I open IE the "Manage add-ons keeps poping up. There are no items listed in the "Search Providors" section and I can not add any. This is new.
  11. it will be tomarrow sometime, thanks for all your help today.
  12. should i run it to get rid of the popup?
  13. just got back on. had a power outage. ran the cleanup it removed the doc from my desktop. but the MS Security program is back & and now when I open IE a "Manage add-ons" program pops up. Back to the MS Security essentials program shows that it is located at: "C:\windows\system32\MRT.exe"/r/re