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  1. The time it takes will depend on the amount of stuff you're uploading, the speed of the server, and the speed of your internet connection. If it's all just text or text with some images, a few seconds to a few minutes is a decent ballpark estimate. I'm not familiar with that app, so I don't know how it notifies you it's done.
  2. Heat spreaders on RAM are like spoilers on Toyota Corollas. They are for looks. In addition to not improving performance, they can actually damage performance (for heatspreaders, by interfering in the transfer of heat from chips to air).
  3. Crucial, Corsair, Mushkin, OCZ, Kingston (not ValueRAM, with a few exceptions), and Patriot come first to mind. You might consider a single 512 MB stick instead of 2x256 MB (unless you can save money with 2 sticks). you lose dual channel capability, which is a bit of a performance hit, but it leaves more room to upgrade later.
  4. I installed directly over 8.0 and lost search.ini, but nothing else.
  5. What web browser? For IE: go to Tools, Internet Options. Programs tab. Under Email, choose the app you want to use.
  6. Yes, it can. There's nothing special about it except it's been subjected to a bit more testing.
  7. The Nazis were socialists... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Nazis were fascists. Fascism is not socialism.
  8. On speakers, red is positive and black is negative. This is true of a number of DC devices. Virtually all speakers will work fine if the polarity is switched. The only time it's likely to matter is if you have 2 speakers outputing the same thing, but with opposite polarity. This can cause something like motion sickness. Home power wiring has no negative (or positive), per se, because it is AC. It has hot (typically black), neutral (typically white), and ground (almost always green). In a perfect world, there would never be any voltage difference between neutral and ground. See Wikipedia. These are the US standards.
  9. " A BNC cable has 5 connectors that receive Red, Green, Blue, Horizontal Sync and Vertical Sync information." From here. Here are some examples cards.
  10. Mozilla's Sunbird is still under construction, but I'm told it's pretty good.
  11. I have to take issue with this. Several items on the test are incorrect or inaccurate, or just speculative. Examples: "Silver fillings are safe to put in your teeth. Otherwise, dentists wouldn't use them. FALSE. Silver fillings are nearly 40% mercury -- one of the most toxic heavy metals known to man" The amount of mercury one is actually exposed to is safe. "The history taught to American children in public school is true and accurate. FALSE. American history, as taught to American schoolchildren, is more a collection of lies and distortions than actual history. From Columbus to the Vietnam War, politically correct American history consistently paints Americans in a glorious light" Partly accurate, but mainly hyperbole. "My government would never knowingly lie to me. FALSE. All governments lie." All is a very strong claim to make with no evidence. But yes, the US government hsa knowingly lied before. "The Federal Reserve is a branch of the U.S. government. FALSE." This is a half-truth. The Fed was founded and is under the control of the federal government. Fed chairmen are appointed by the president. The Fed even has a website under the .gov TLD. The only truth here is that the Fed is in fact owned by member banks. "Inflation is a natural side effect of a healthy, growing economy. FALSE." This is correct, but their explanation is misleading. Limited inflation in a growing economy is a very normal, even useful thing. It's not a "hidden tax" or whatever paranoid theory. Controlled inflation is not some great evil to be feared. A money supply that remains constant can be a Very Bad Thing. These people need a few classes in economics. "Vitamin E is dangerous. FALSE." Large doses of vitamin E are poisonous, period. Normal doses are safe. "There is no cure for cancer. FALSE." Misleading. They can claim all they want that there are cures for some cancers, but there's no silver bullet. "All foods and beverages are safe to consume in moderation and can be part of a balanced diet. FALSE." Wrong on its face. A "balanced diet" doesn't have to be a perfect diet. This is the same fallacy they made above in assuming that any exposure to mercury was unsafe. "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a genuine brain chemistry disorder that must be treated with drugs to help children. FALSE. This so-called disease is entirely fictitious and has no measurable physiological basis whatsoever. Hyperactivity in children is actually caused primarily by poor nutritional habits (consumption of refined sugars and food coloring)" Their claim that it is entirely fictitious is debateable at best. But their claim about hyperactivity is dead wrong. Recent studies have shown that, against conventional wisdom, hyperactivity has rather little to do with refined sugar intake and such. Food coloring is present in such small amounts in most foods that it is of dubious dietary signficiance. This kind of FUD is really despicable not just because it is inaccurate, but because it is self-serving and aimed at bullying people into believing what they do to avoid being labeled "sheeple" (a term popular mainly among conspiracy nuts). FWIW, I managed to get a lower score by intentionally answering "wrong" on a few items. Sorry to go off like that, but this type of thing really bothers me.
  12. Yes, they use roughly 1/3 as much energy (and thus, produce roughly 1/3 as much heat).
  13. Because they are made by different, competing companies. Each of which would love to undercut the other on price.
  14. The Opterons are AMD's server line. They come in a variety of flavors, with some of the more recent ones (ie. Italy) being dual-core. AMD also sell a consumer line, the Athlon 64 X2, that is dual-core. Yes, as far as I can tell that board has no Pentium D support.
  15. Question: is he within the return period of the Belkin networking gear?
  16. You can use a 20-pin power supply without an adapter. You might take this as an opportunity to buy a new, better power supply if the one you currently have is lacking.
  17. Well, uh, how much music do you have?
  18. Ask the other person to down-save to the Publisher 98 format. Pub 2003 has this ability. Alternately, they could make a PDF out of it.
  19. Hit Print Screen (or alt-Print Screen to get just the active window). Open Paint. Hit Ctrl-V. Save it.
  20. That isn't a Firewire (IEEE 1394) connection. It's a parallel (IEEE 1284) connection. Not gonna help you. What is an "external firewire"?