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  1. For a couple of reasons, I've grown partial to dBPowerAmp Audio Player. It's not the most feature-ful player ever, but the "on screen control" feature is handy and compact.
  2. I use Rename Master for these kind of tasks. If you direct it to the folder, open the "Remove" tab, and choose "From name end" with setting 1, it will do what you want. I have an older version, but it should be very similar in the current version.
  3. RAM is a streaming media format; the audio is streamed to your computer, not downloaded in one file. You need to find tools to capture the stream. I'm afraid I don't really know anything about capturing RAM streams.
  5. It's meant to serve the same basic purpose as regular PCI slots- a general interface for sound cards, hard drive controllers, and what have you. Cards for the x1 slots have been few and far between, but it's getting there.
  6. I ran a brand-new install (with the newest installer) on the 14th and got a bad checksum on nearly everything from the Safer Networking server #1 (Europe). Just keep switching servers until you're happy. They'll get it worked out eventually.
  7. You want PC3200, and you should try to match the CAS latency (Dells are weirdly picky about this). I would stick with CL 3.0. And you want to stay under the maximum the system can support. That's really all you need to worry about.
  8. Switch to a different update server (after searching for updates, it's the box to the right of Search for Updates). Safer Networking Europe's servers seem to be having problems.
  9. If you have a Creative X-Fi sound card, hardware. Otherwise I don't think it matters.
  10. If it's the drive Windows is installed on, Windows won't allow a simple format..
  11. Wired had a cover story on the same 2 companies in 2003.
  12. Bill Gates went to Harvard, but dropped out.
  13. Go into Disk Management and partition the unallocated space. As here.
  14. USB-based cards will require some processor time, so don't expect to suddenly get vastly better framerates. I have the Philips device in the Tom's article, it's done pretty well for me. Sounds substantially better than my laptop's cruddy sound.
  15. What games are you playing?
  16. Tried it (and others), wasn't really hooked. I never go to the main Google page normally (I use Opera, it has integrated search), and I'm usually not on the search page for long. So I had to change habits to use the Google page, and that didn't really happen.
  17. That act requires the government to make records public. Privately-owned ISPs are not the government. There are tools to find the general region (the city, maybe), but that's as precise as you're gonna get.
  18. Plug it into the wall. Plug devices into it. Forget about it. Sealed lead acid batteries don't need a whole lot of attention when they're just sitting there waiting to be called into duty.
  19. Aluvus

    Pc Games?

    Civilization 3 (with the expansions, anyway) allows you to reduce AI aggressiveness independent of difficulty level. Though it's still hard to play an entire game at peace. Unless you chicken out and reload the last auosave every time someone declares war on you When war does break out, it's at least a "thinking man's" approach to war.
  20. Venice. Less heat. I compared some of the AMD cores here. It needs an update, badly.
  21. Wow, the old version was weak sauce. Kudos for making something respectable out of it. I went ahead and made a spelling fix, and will try to look for other things of similar nature. If this weren't a test week for me (and if I hadn't recently opened up several other projects), I'd have more time for such things.
  22. If the system has heat or driver problems already, 3dmark could crash it and possibly increase the impact of the existing problem. But that's about it.
  23. Ain't filezilla a FTP server program? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It comes in both client and server packages.